The Republican “Back-Stabbers-R-Us” Party

by Philibus Phunk
Oh my!
Let’s rename the Republican Party to Back-Stabbers-R-Us.
First, Governor Charlie Baker tries to purge all the conservatives off of the State Committee. He seems to have had a memory lapse that they actually helped his pathetic campaign. If it wasn’t for the ballot question to repeal automatic gas tax increases, Baker would have lost. For the conservative worker bees—no good deed goes unpunished.
Actually I was incorrect when I said first on Baker. The original back-stabber was Sheriff Joe MacDonald. For years he has screwed over fellow Republicans when they have run for office.  Tom Keyes and Korey Welch were two of his victims. We finally win with David DeCoste! MacDonald could not let it go. He hires former Rep. Rhonda Nyman which was a complete slap in the face to DeCoste and all Republicans. MacDonald tries to justify his hiring, but Nyman shows up on the campaign trail against Geoff Diehl as he is running for State Senate. Wait, the injury doesn’t stop there! Nyman gets her daughter to run against DeCoste! What a party!
Following in the steps of being back-stabber is Keiko Orrall. It is not enough that her husband got a high paying hack job. Keiko wants to be National Committeewoman.
How did Keiko obtain her position as State Representative? The present National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier got her elected. Without Chanel, Keiko would not be in the Legislature.
Since being elected, has Keiko distinguished herself? Nope! She has claimed to be a leader on fighting Common Core. What did she do about the ballot question? Nothing! Maybe she was busy helping her colleague, Geoff Diehl, run for the state Senate. No, she was MIA on that campaign.
How about on the House floor?  Keiko is one of the stepford legislators who will not stand for a roll call vote.
Worse yet, Keiko has plotted with Democrats against fellow Republicans. Don’t believe me? Look at who she stabbed in the back to run for National Committee!

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