From Corrupt Convention, to Entitled Front-Row Seating – MATT SISK

Sisk on left, Hughes on Right, on-stage at 2014 Mass. Republican Convention (Photo Courtesy

CHANNEL 5 Investigates Posted the following video exposing Matt Sisk…watch the video for details.





Republican State Committeeman Matt Sisk who oversaw the Mass. 2015  Republican Convention,  along with party chair Kirsten Hughes got his fingers caught in the cookie jar.

WCVB Investigates revealed, Matt and his boss at Mass. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation used their positions to party on taxpayer dollars (yeah, we know that happens all the time), but more disgustingly, reserving VIP slots at the Pops July celebration on the Esplanade.  So, while others camped out and waited hours, Matt and his VIP buddies slipped in at the last moment, and took their positions in a special reserved VIP area.

How many of them were there? Unknown.  The Herald posted the listing of a mere 200 invitees to Sisk’s DCR party, held at the $1.3 million condo of Republican blowhard do-nothing Ron Kaughman. Missing from the list were the wives and hubbies of several attendees – those wives and hubbies just happen to be: elected officials! (State reps!).  Ah, the elite cutting line and getting beautiful slots at the Esplande.

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The fine?  So far, a slap on the wrist: a week of non-paid vacation for the pair, and they were ordered to pay back $800 in expenses.

Matt: you’re lucky it’s the end of August. If the attendees who waited in line on July 3rd knew about this then, there would have been more than just fireworks…




Matt Sisk, running the MassGOP Convention  (before he lost all his weight) – Boston Broadside file photo.




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