Jay McMahon – Attorney General Candidate THE CONVENTION SPEECH – 2018

Jay McMahon – Attorney General Candidate THE CONVENTION SPEECH – 2018



Good Morning! My name is James R. McMahon, III — Jay McMahon. I am running for Attorney General because we can do so much better here in Massachusetts than this left-wing loony Liberal political activist, Maura Healey!

At no time in the history of the Commonwealth have we had an Attorney General who was such a political activist, who would actually ignore Public Safety, and trample the most basic Civil Rights of our citizens, for mere political expediency!

I am a lifelong resident of the Commonwealth, the father of now four children, and we live in the town of Bourne. I am a Constitutional Conservative, a gun owner, and a Second Amendment advocate.

Prior to becoming an attorney, I had twelve years in corporate management.

Prior to all of that, I had served six years in law enforcement:

TO ALL police officers, firefighters, and EMS, all First Responders;


I have also served six years in the military with the Massachusetts Army National Guard, as a Second Lieutenant, in the Military Police:


We are the “home of the free” because of YOU, “the BRAVE”!

I am the only candidate running for Attorney General, including the incumbent, who can say that they have a law enforcement background, a military background, and corporate business management experience.

For the past 30 years, I have been a self-employed trial attorney in a general law practice.  I have had thousands of cases; and have also been before many Federal, State, and Municipal Government Boards and Agencies.

I presently have cases in every level of court in the Massachusetts Court System:  The Supreme Judicial Court, The Appeals Court, the Superior Court, the Probate Court, and the District Courts, (both Civil and Criminal).  All of the same Courts where the Attorney General operates.

With this 30 years of experience with Massachusetts Juris Prudence; I am the only candidate running for Attorney General, from both parties, who has this extensive legal experience in the Massachusetts Court System.

I also have four Board Certified Opiate Rehabilitative Physicians who are advising me as to the Opiate Crisis, and as to effective and successful Opiate Rehabilitation.

Also, along the Campaign Trail, I have met with Parent Support Groups: who, like myself, have lost children or loved ones to the Opiate Crisis.


When you elect me as your next Attorney General, I will tackle all of our toughest problems and issues.  And I will get the job done!  Here is what I am going to do:

  1. In July 2016, Healey issued her infamous gun Enforcement Order, effectively stripping Massachusetts citizens of their Second Amendment Gun Rights.  Some of my guns may be on her List! It was her solution to a non-existent problem.  She said she did it to get “illegal guns off the street”. Our guns are NOT on the streets, our guns are kept safe in our gun lockers. HERE IS AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH FOR MAURA HEALEY: Licensed Gun owners in Massachusetts do not commit gun crimes!  So why did she do it?  Healey did it for mere Political Expediency!  Maura Healey knew that the following week she would be heading down to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, and that she was on the Agenda to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. Healey was vetting herself to be Hillary’s U.S. Attorney General.  Basically, she was going to say:  “Hillary, everyone in the world knows that you are going to be the next President of the United States!  You are going to need a U.S. Attorney General, a ‘gun grabber’ just like you!  And I’m your man!”  Thank God they hit the “Trump Bump”!

On Day One, when I am sworn into Office, I will revoke and rescind that Healey gun Enforcement Order of July 2016; and thereby restoring all of the Gun Rights back to the lawful citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  1. Starting in January 2017, Healey has filed 36+ frivolous and meritless lawsuits against the Trump Administration; but no indictments for Public Corruption. I will dismiss her ridiculous lawsuits against Trump, and I will instead concentrate on the scandals of Public Corruption here in Massachusetts.  I will make sure that indictments get handed down. It seems that since Maura Healey has been our Attorney General, only the Feds can find corruption in Massachusetts.  Public Corruption will NOT get a pass from me!
  2. I will preserve your Public Safety by taking action on “active intelligence”. This present Attorney General won’t do this, because she is operating her Office as if Massachusetts was a Sanctuary State already. She won’t cooperate with the Feds, in order to protect and SHIELD illegal aliens. Our highest elected Law Enforcement Officer in the Commonwealth is actively conspiring to harbor fugitives from justice. I will work with the Feds to end illegal immigration. The Public Safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth will be my Number One Priority.
  3. I will put an end to Sanctuary Cities in Massachusetts.
  4. Finally, I am the ONLY candidate who has put forth a comprehensive three-prong plan approach to tackling the Opiate Crisis here in Massachusetts.

And by the way, I lost my oldest child to the Opiate Crisis!

Joel was in the United States Army.  He wanted to make the military his career.  He was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and one of the first troops to enter Baghdad. Several weeks later he injured his back during a mission. His injury rendered him unfit for duty and he was discharged to the VA. They treated the pain from his injury with opiates. After several years Joel became an opiate addict. The rest of the story is bad news, and Joel died.

There is not a family in the Commonwealth that has not been touched by this curse; including mine. And I call it a curse because there are life and death consequences as to what we do about this!

Here is my three-prong plan approach to tackling the Opiate Crisis:

  1. FIRST, we need effective and successful Opiate Rehabilitation Programs; not the 99% failure of the government programs, but ones like the 87% success rate of the private pay programs. We must stop investing taxpayer money in failed Opiate Rehabilitation.  It is obvious that there is money to be made in failed Opiate Rehabilitation.  I will investigate this, and put a stop to it!  We also need to deprive the purveyors of this poison their customer base.  Massachusetts is the Medical Capital of the World.  We have the technology and know-how to cure Opiate Addicts.  We just need the will!  And a government official to champion this cause!  Maura Healey’s response to the Opiate Crisis is to go after CVS and Walgreens!
  2. SECOND, we need to dry up the sources of heroin and fentanyl. They don’t make these poisons in Massachusetts, or New England for that matter. Heroin comes from Taliban-Afghanistan and fentanyl comes from China. Both make their way here by coming across the porous Mexican border. That is why Trump wants to build the Wall! The Feds know how this poison makes its way here into Massachusetts.  The Border Patrol, ICE, CUSTOMS, DEA, and the FBI all know how this poison is getting here. I will create joint Federal and State Task Forces to intercept these shipments.  Now you might think that this is being done already, because it only makes sense.  However, Maura Healey won’t cooperate with the Feds because she is treating Massachusetts like it is already a Sanctuary State.  She will not deal with the Feds in order to shield and protect illegal aliens.  This is an insult to all Federal taxpayers because you are paying for these Federal Law Enforcement assets.
  3. THIRD, we need to implement Extreme Prosecution; we need to insist on maximum sentences each time we obtain a criminal conviction against these drug trafficking thugs. I am a trial lawyer, if I can tie the Defendant to the drugs, no jury in the world is going to cut them loose. There is no need to deal that case away on a suspended sentence or probation.  Right now, Maura Healey is sending the wrong message.  She is on record as saying that the Massachusetts Sentencing Guidelines are way too harsh on Drug Traffickers and Pushers. I say that the Massachusetts Sentencing Guidelines are not harsh enough.  I say go for maximum sentences.  By failing to do this we have suffered tremendous consequences.  Just this month, down on Cape Cod where I live, a police officer, Sgt. Sean Gannon, of the Yarmouth Police Department, was gunned down by a drug trafficking thug.  The police refer to his killer as “125”, meaning the number of criminal convictions on his record.  Sgt. Gannon was serving a “Probation Violation Arrest Warrant”.  This means that 125 was again convicted of a crime, but instead of being in jail, he was out on Probation; and he couldn’t even do that right.  He violated his terms of probation, and an arrest warrant issued.  In 2010, 125 was found guilty of 27 Counts of Illegal Possession of a Firearms.  Here in Massachusetts, for the past 43 years, we have what is known as the Bartley-Fox Law.  It is the Law that requires a one year mandatory jail sentence for each count of illegal possession of a firearms.  Only two people have been sentenced under that law in 43 years.  Now I know I went to Public Schools in Massachusetts, and my math skills are lacking; but I believe that a one year mandatory minimum jail sentence on each count adds up to 27 years.  And so, if 125 was sentenced in 2010 at the legal MANDATORY MINIMUM, he would have been in jail until 2037.  That means that at the end of his shift, Sgt. Gannon goes home to his wife and family, and not to the morgue!  Law enforcement needs to know that we got their back!  We must put these drug trafficking thugs in jail, or drive them out of Massachusetts to another state with more lenient laws.  We need to send the correct message to these Drug Traffickers and Pushers:  Massachusetts is no longer open for business!

NOW, if this is the kind of Attorney General you want, then I’m your man!


First, my Republican opponent is a nice guy; but no one has ever accused me of being a nice guy!  They have accused me of being way too aggressive, but not a nice guy!

As to OUR backgrounds:

I have six years of military experience: He has none!

I have six years of law enforcement experience: He has none!

I have been a Trial lawyer in MA since 1988: He’s been a Patent lawyer in MA since 2011.

I have had thousands of cases in the Massachusetts Court System, the same place where the Attorney General’s Office operates:  You will be hard pressed to find even one Notice of Appearance by my opponent in any Massachusetts Court Case.  He has NOT even had one case in any Massachusetts State Court where the Attorney General operates!

I am a Trial Attorney, he is a Patent Attorney. There is nothing in Patent Law that prepares anyone for work in the Attorney General’s Office.

NOW IF I KNOW THIS, YOU CAN BE SURE THAT MAURA HEALEY KNOWS THIS!And she will exploit this for all its worth!

The Attorney General’s Office is no place for on the job training!

As you can see, there is a huge difference in the experience and background between us two Republican candidates that you have to choose from today.

Finally, let me use a legal example to help explain our differences:

You, Massachusetts, are the client.

You have just been wrongly accused.

If convicted, you will go to jail for a very long time.

You know that you are innocent!

You have me, who is a trial lawyer with 30 years of experience in MA courts; or you have my Republican opponent, who has been a Patent Attorney in MA since 2011.

Now both are lawyers.

Which one do you want to handle your case?

You get the point!

I am asking you to look at our experience and background, and decide who is the best qualified candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General.

Let me end with this:  This is a serious OFFICE, people’s lives are at stake, and I am the most qualified candidate.  I am asking you to vote for me as your next Attorney General; and when you do, I promise you and guarantee you this:


2 Replies to “Jay McMahon – Attorney General Candidate THE CONVENTION SPEECH – 2018

  1. Will the voters of Massachusetts only know who the Republican candidate for AG is when they look at the ballot in the voting booth in November? Will there be any tv ads for McMahon? Is McMahon going to mention how Healey did absolutely nothing about the disgraceful Massachusetts State Police scandals. Only the U.S. Attorney indicted them. Will McMahon mention that Massachusetts has declined from one of the most pro consumer states to one of the worst under Healey? Will McMahon talk about how citizens with consumer complaints never get an answer from Healey’s office? McMahon and the MASSGOP have a chance to educate voters. However, they will no doubt once again put forth a half hearted campaign.

  2. On the news yesterday, the U.S. Attorney indicted another Mass State trooper for allegedly cheating on overtime. Several state troopers already have been indicted and many more are still under investigation. Massachusetts has the most scandal ridden state police in the nation. Yet, on the news yesterday, State Attorney General Healey held a hasty news conference to announce that she is pressing charges against a Back Bay store owner with a Middle Eastern name for allegedly being mean to a person of Middle Eastern origins. While our state police force is labeled as the most corrupt in the nation, Healey holds a press conference for what should be a civil case regarding a shop keeper. Is McMahon going to have any tv ads? Is MassGOP going to give Healey a free ride to re-election?

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