Mass. Rep. Jim Lyons Brings Joy to the State House

Rep. Jim Lyon’s First Annual Christmas Celebration took place Dec. 22, 2016 in the grand hall of the State House. His celebration featured caroling,  blessings, remarks from multiple religious leaders.  The Andover representative was joined by Rep. Kevin Kuros in making introductory remarks to the gathering.

Folks are still searching their memories and records for a time when a nativity scene was last displayed at the State House.

Photo by Kris Mineau

Rep. Lyons made his request for a display, and was rejected, and ignored. Finally, he contacted the Thomas Moore Society and between their letter and actions of other lawyers, he was granted permission to hold  the Merry Christmas celebration, featuring a nativity scene. “Jesus entered the world and love hope and joy was his message, and that’s what we want people to understand. That’s our message,” Rep. Lyons explained.

A few photos of the event are shown below, courtesy of, Ted Tripp and William Duggan of The Boston Broadside, Kris Mineau of Mass Family Institute, and William Gillmeister. Organizers and volunteers were numerous, including many members of the RenewMACoalition including Chanel Prunier and the Mass Family Institute, including president Andrew Beckwith

The reason for the season.

REPUBLICAN State Representative Jim Lyons donated his time, energies, and friendship to many, and brought together a scene that hopefully will grow ten-fold next year.




Photo by Kris Mineau

For those wondering: the non-Christian whackadoodles were interviewed extensively by local media and pledged that they will vigorously oppose any such Christmas celebration and nativity scene next year.

The whackjobs seem to forget or ignore other religious groups who display/celebrate at the State House.
See photo below.

Note: the sign in the photo proclaims Gov. Charlie Baker, his Lt.. Gov., as well as the stamp of approval of the House Speaker and Senate President, none of whom attended the Christmas event.


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