Mass. Republican Convention Delegate Scandal: Kingston Staff Offering People Delegate Slots if They Will Support Kingston?

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See below. We’re told that once the cat got out of the bag (below), several days later later, the MassGOP responded today and released equal superdelate votes to all three campaigns to be “fair”:  Kingston, Lindstrum, and Diehl.  But, with conditions…which might make some of the voters very reluctant to take such a slot….


Breaking News

The Boston Broadside has obtained emails from John Kingston staff offering people delegate slots if they will support Kingston.

Either Kingston staff is misleading people for some weird purpose or the Massachusetts Republican Party has given out super delegate spots to the Kingston campaign!

This news has many possible ramifications.

Can the party be sued for trying to stack the convention?  Four years ago, they had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for rigging it.

How much money did Kingston give the party to get these super delegates?  We already know that he and his wife gave $2000 to the Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes.  She should have recused herself from the convention.

This super delegate scandal exposes that the party wants to rig it against Geoff Diehl—the people’s candidate.  They don’t want the Real Diehl!

Conservatives need to go to this convention and send a loud message that we want Geoff Diehl as our next U.S. Senator!  Don’t get mad or angry.  Get even by going to the convention and send a message—it is real Diehl time.



AS A SIDE NOTE: This past Friday, Kingston was slated in a prime spot to address the Friday Morning Group monthly meeting in Lexington. The invitation-only group, which provides an informed forum for discussion and presentations by politicians and organizations on a wide range of issues and beliefs – spearheaded by Citizen’s For Limited Taxation’s leaders –  is typically very well attended by activists from Massachusetts and beyond.  Kingston cancelled out of the event less than 24 hours before he was to speak. His representative cited that he needed to dedicate the time to finding delegates to vote for him at the upcoming MassGOP convention. We’re told by passing on this event, he insulted at least 44 delegates (in attendance, and friends…)…

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