Massachusetts 5th Congressional District Democrat U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark Refuses to Acknowledge Challenger John Hugo Liberal Media Gives Her a Free Pass – MassGOP Ignoring the Race

by Lonnie Brennan

Katherine Clark has gone into hiding again, refusing to have any contact with the John Hugo for Congress Committee and her Republican challenger. As things stand, once again, there will be no debates, no discussion of the issues, no campaigning by the extremist liberal Democrat Congresswoman Clark. And why would there be? She’s protected by the liberal Massachusetts’ media, and an inept MassGOP, which has failed to press the congresswoman on many issues throughout her brief reign.

The Hugo committee has repeatedly attempted to get any kind of response from Clark, requesting at least one debate to discuss the issues. No response. Zippo. Nunca. Nada.

“We even called the Massachusetts Democrat State Committee about setting up a debate,” Hugo explained. “They said they would call us right back – obviously they wanted to contact Clark. When they returned our call, they told us that they had no way to contact Congresswoman Clark and suggested we send her an e-mail. When we spoke to and pushed for information from any member of Clark’s team who we could reach, they said they had no idea how to contact her. We got the same response from the Mass. Democrat State Committee.”

Hugo is experiencing the same cold shoulder snub that Republican Frank Addivinola received when he ran against Clark in the special election of 2013.

With the backing of the liberal media (Globe, Herald, WGBH, Channel 4, Channel 5, you get the idea), Democrat Clark has never had to once debate a Republican congressional opponent.

“That is ridiculous and she should not be able to get away with it,” Hugo said. “She is doing no interviews – so I cannot ask for equal time. She does not have a single lawn sign up in the entire district. Essentially, she has gone to the mattresses.”

“Clark is an elitist who clearly feels it is beneath her to debate somebody from the working class. She is a member of the extreme left and completely out of touch with the people of Massachusetts. And her voting record is appalling – from always voting for higher taxes to voting against Kate’s Law,” Hugo added. “We need to get our message out to the voters. Clark only seems interested in avoiding the accountability [that] a healthy debate provides.”

For more information about Republican John Hugo’s campaign, contact him at 617-777-2141, or go to

Note: This year the MassGOP has fielded the least number of candidates in decades, most notably giving a free pass to 82% of the members of the state’s House of Representatives. Their active support for congressional candidates and most statewide challengers also appears to be no more than a put-on show for the masses, as they focus solely on re-electing Gov. Charlie Baker. By all measures, most Republicans in Mass. are expected to lose this November, as a result of the MassGOP’s inaction over the years.  ♦



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  1. The last Diehl tv ad I saw was in early September when he was running against RINO Kingston. It’s late October now. Plenty of Independents and disillusioned Democrats would like to hear Diehl’s message. Many Bay staters think that Warren is a fraud.Perhaps Diehl would pick up votes if he had tv or radio ads. I saw a Diehl ad in the Boston Herald. That’s it since early September. I’ve seen no ads for McMahon who’s running against Healey. Since the late 1940’s tv ads are a must for serious candidates. I’m a Democrat voting for Diehl. However, MassGOP is a joke.

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