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Newton Public School Teacher Vows to INCREASE Islamic Proselytization


Head of Newton North High School’s Mathematics Dept.
Doubles-Down on
Pro-Islamic Teachings

by Lonnie Brennan

Newton, Mass. –  After receiving an e-mail from a citizen concerned about the one-sided, pro-Islamic indoctrination of students at Newton North High School, teacher Charles Rooney (Charles_Rooney@newton.k12.ma.us) retorted that he plans to devote even more classroom time to the Islamic culture. Rooney is a math teacher at the high school.

Newton schools have come under repeated fire for more than five years for their anti-Semitic teachings. At one point, of all the school systems in the U.S., the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) wrote a book exposing the stealth propagandizing by Newton schools on behalf of Islam.

In February of this year, after facing years of stonewalling and deception from the school committee, things reached a boiling point. Resident Margot Einstein had had enough, and said that something must be done. So the 95-year-old organized a massive outdoor rally calling for a change in the school administration. The rally was held in the frigid wintertime weather and overran the lawns outside a school committee meeting. Several rally goers also entered the meeting after the rally, but most were barred for lack of space, and prevented from bringing any signs into the building by the extensive police presence. The rally featured parents as well as a keynote speech by noted Boston talk show host, Jeffrey T. Kuhner.

Despite promises by the school committee, the schools have been caught repeatedly injecting pro-Islam and anti-Semitic materials into the curriculum. A local group has now sued the schools and school committee on this matter (see Sept. 2018 edition of the Boston Broadside).

Whitewashing Islam

Rooney is the head of the math department where he has taught computer programming and honors-level math. He was specifically responding to an e-mail in which resident Ken Brookes urged the principal and staff to present a fact-based education.

“It is incumbent on both you as principal and also the rest of the Newton North High School staff to ensure that children under your care receive a factual education on prophet Mohammed and the Islamic religion he founded,” Brookes wrote. He then provided an extensive list of Islamic teachings which many have claimed that the staff at the high school are hiding from their nearly 2,000 students.

When asked why he felt compelled to send the e-mail, Brookes related that his “concern is that school children are being fed disinformation on Islam, in an attempt to whitewash it. My response is a ‘warts and all’ exposé on who Mohammed was as an historical figure and what his Islamic religion actually teaches.”

Brookes went on to note that “some will misleadingly respond: ‘But what about the Old Testament?’ or ‘What about the crusades?’ But the documented 33,856 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 have no Christian equivalent, because Christianity does not incite to hatred, violence and terror, as Islam explicitly does: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx.”

Brookes added that he has “no religious or political affiliation, but simply believes that people should be educated enough to make informed choices, and that the school system has no right to brainwash children into a particular way of thinking, especially when their ‘teaching’ is based on half-truths and wishful thinking, while willfully ignoring the uncomfortable facts.”

Portions of the e-mail exchange are reproduced below:

From: Charles Rooney <Charles_Rooney@newton.k12.ma.us>

Sent: Friday, 21 September 2018 7:55 PM

To: kenmbrookes@hotmail.com

Subject: Re: RE – Newton Public schools engaging in Islamic dawah

Thank you for your email.  As a result, I plan to devote more classroom time to presenting to students the profound contributions of Islamic culture to the development of modern mathematics.

Ken Brookes  writes:

Dear Principal Turner

The following facts about Islam and its prophet Mohammed can be verified by anyone. They come straight from the most authoritative sources:

– QURAN (The Muslim holy book and highest Islamic jurisprudential authority)

– HADITH (Sayings or deeds ascribed to the Prophet Muhammad)

– SIRA (Biographical records of Prophet Muhammad’s life)

– SHARIA LAW (The moral and legal code of Islam)

They paint an entirely different picture from that which Newton Public Schools’ children are being presented with.

It is incumbent on both you as Principal and also the rest of the Newton North High School staff to ensure that children under your care receive a factual education on prophet Mohammed and the Islamic religion he founded:

– Islam incites hatred against Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims(1)

– Islam incites violence against all non-Muslims(2)

– Islam incites terror against all non-Muslims(3)

– Islam’s prophet Mohammed was a self-professed terrorist(4)

– Prophet Mohammed tortured people to death(5)

– Mohammed beheaded men, women and children(6)

– Mohammed advocated killing non-Muslim children(7)

– Mohammed advocated global Islamic supremacy through violence(8)

– A Muslims highest goal is martyrdom, Islam’s only sure path to paradise(9)

– Islam’s prophet Mohammed sexually enslaved women after killing their menfolk(10)

– Prophet Mohammed is Islam’s perfect example for all Muslims(11)

– Islamic State “follow the prophecy and example of Muhammad, in punctilious detail”(12)

– Mohammed slaughtered anyone who insulted him(13)

– Islam demands the death penalty for anyone who questions or criticises Islam(14)

– Islam demands the death penalty for leaving Islam(15)

– Islam subordinates human rights to sharia law(16)


Yours sincerely,

Ken Brookes,

[An extensive list of references for each item noted was provided and is too long to print here. We will make it available online at www.BostonBroadside.com.]

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  1. A math teacher? Another example of why the U.S. lags behind so many nations in education. If a teacher was teaching about Christianity or other religions then they’d be fired. Newton labels itself as being very liberal, yet we see very little low income housing being built there.

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