October 2019 Edition – Boston Broadside – ROCKS!

What’s in the October printed edition?

  • Talk of the town – Heard on Talk Radio: compiled exclusively for print in The Boston Broadside
  • UMass Protects Propagandist from Scrutiny by Dexter Van Zile
  • Did the Past MassGOP Leadership Commit Fiduciary Fraud?
    (spent $15 million, up to 96% on parties, friends, and ‘overhead’)
  • New MassGOP Chair Jim Lyons – the new sheriff in town –
    Introduces First New Budget – slashes perks/salaries/trolls/consultants by 87%
  • Squealing for Pork! Mass. FY2020 House Budget Amendments Part 3, by Ted Tripp
  • Voting in America – Securing a Broken System: Voter Registration, by Sharon Pinardi McCauley
  • Knights of Columbus – Abortion Victims Prayer Service
  • Democrats Strive to Give Illegals the Vote
  • Citizens Give Testimony Against Driver’s Licenses for Illegals
    Nick Pasquarosa, Kathleen Lynch, Debby Dugan, John Thompson, Maureen Maloney
  • Forgetting 9/11 by William P. Russo
  • Never Forget, by Virginia ‘Ginny’ Garnder
  • Newton 9/11 by Tom Mountain


  • Part 1: Investigating and Evaluating Threat Levels Inside Local Mosques, by Dave Gaubatz


  • A Call to Action to Oppose New Vaccine Bills, by Beth Guidry Hoffman


  • Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Mass.
    Participates in Re-dedication of Hero Squares


  • Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Mass.
    In Memoriam – Past Commander CPT Roy S. Chase, Sr.


  • The Straight Pride Parade: A Thumb in the Eye of Democrat Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, by Ted Tripp


  • Great News on Global Warming Climate Change Climate Emergency! NO Warming in U.S. Since 2005
  • Surviving the Straight Pride Parade & Rally! by Nathaniel Shurtleff


  • Massachusetts is Most Expensive State to Buy a Home


And a series of columns by:

  • Robert Snider – The Democratic God is Green
  • Catherine White – Constitutional Snippets
  • Aliana Brodmann E. von Richthofen – Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’
  • Howard Kaloogian – We Care and They Don’t (N.H. politics and beyond)
  • Mark Alliegro – Damn the Torpedoes, Full Spaghetti Ahead! A Treatise on Political Effectivness
  • Dennis Galvin – Democrats Proposing a ‘Rain’ Tax (seriously)
  • Walter E. Williams – Youth and Ignorance
  • John Stossell – New Countries at Sea
  • Betsy McCaughey – Dem’s Health Care Whoppers
  • Ann Coulter – The Transcript We Really Want to See!
  • Michelle Malkin – Impeach Amnesty Ana: TV’s Foulest Open Borders Windbag
  • Patrick J. Buchanan – Will ‘Ukraine-Gate’ Imperil Biden’s Bid?
  • Jeffrey T. Kuhner – Is Warren Trump’s Biggest Threat?
  • Matt O’Brien – Life Imitates Superhero Comics and Nobody is Laughing
  • Ron Beaty – Cape Cod Democrats Do Not Uphold Basic American Values and Principles




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