October Edition – notes

A few articles in our October Edition:

  • Special Pre-Election Commentary: How Republican Reformers Deserve Re-Election  – We Need Them to Maintain Sanity on Beacon Hill
    – by Ted Tripp
  • The Abuse of the Violence Against Women Act  – How False Accusations of Abuse Facilitate Fraud and Garner Green Cards “Marriage Fraud”
    – by Julie Poner
  • TALK OF THE TOWN…heard on Talk Radio – compiled exclusively for print in The Boston Broadside, featuring:
    – Don McKeag – The Don McKeag Show
    – Jeff Kuhner – The Kuhner Report – Boston’s Bulldozer
    – Ed Lambert
    – Jim Polito
    – Howie Carr
  • Bible Quotes
  • Newton Public School Teacher Vows to INCREASE Islamic Proselytization
    – by Lonnie Brennan
    No Woman Should Ever Be Told to Be Silent
    by Chanel Prunier
  • IN REMEMBERANCE – John O’Mara, A Tiger in the Conservative Movement
    by Ted Tripp
  • FREE THE LAW – No, Senator Warren, The Legal System is Not ‘Racist…Front to Back’ – It’s Way Worse
    by Greg Hession, J.D.
  • Christopher Columbus Being Kicked Under the Bus on October 12th
    Increasingly, Communities are Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Massachusetts 5th Congressional District
    Democrat U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark Refuses to Acknowledge Challenger John Hugo
    Liberal Media Gives Her a Free Pass – MassGOP Ignoring the Race
    by Lonnie Brennan
  • The Way Forward
    Excerpts of a Message to Supporters by former Governor Candidate Dr. Scott Lively
  • Maine Governor LePage Signs Series of Child Welfare Bills into Law
  • Maine’s Governor Paul LePage’s Radio Address:
    Smart Investments in Marine Terminal Have Opened New Markets to Maine Companies
  • Sharron Angle
    National Speaker on Election Integrity, Constitutional Conservatism and Education Visits Maine and Massachusetts
  • The EBT Card: Don’t Leave Home Without It!
    PART III: Government Pays You Extra $$$ to Shop at Farmer’s Markets
    by Ted Tripp
  • Pro-Life Americans Gather to Mourn Our Nation’s Unborn Victims on the
    6th Annual Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children
    by Debbie Papalia
  • Upcoming Movie ‘Gosnell’ – Abortion Crimes
    by Lonnie Brennan, with excerpts from Gosnell
  • Toxic Polarization
    by Dr. Grace Vuoto
  • A First in the Armory at Faneuil Hall! Public Relations Evening!
  • Are Kavanaugh’s Accusers Lying? Democrats are coordinating a smear campaign
    by Jeffery T. Kuhner
  • ‘Believe Women’ Is Perilous Baloney
    by Michelle Malkin
  • Haven Monahan to Testify in Kavanaugh Hearings
    by Ann Coulter
  • The Late Hit on Judge Kavanaugh
    by Patrick Buchanan
  • The Democrats Reject ‘First, Do No Harm’
    by Atty. Robert Snider
  • Putting It in Perspective
    Maybe It’s Time for an
  • Maybe It’s Time for an Olive Branch From the Democratic Party
    by Ginny Gardner
  • Blank Baker
    by Marry Lou Daxland
  • No Representation from U.S. Rep. Ann Kuster
    by Di Lothrop
  • Governor Proposes to Launch Own Satellite to Monitor Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Harvard University Disgraces Itself: Pours Salt in the Wounds of the
    Families of Those Many Alums Who Died Fighting in WW II
  • Waltham Day — Justice Denied
    by Beth D’Amato
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center’s Annual
    Walk Against Domestic Violence – October 14th
    The Taking of Anna
    Part 7 – Update
    Concord, N.H. Doctor to Pursue
    Legislative Petition Signatures to Pressure Switzerland into
    Returning Custody of his Two Teen Daughters
  • Catholic Action League Criticizes
    Boston City Council Vote On Question 3
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Oppose Gov’t Control of Nursing – VOTE NO ON 1
    by Gay Brown, RN
  • GUNS 101: License to Carry Questions and Answers
  • Safer to be a Black Soldier in the Middle East Than Walk the Streets of Chicago
  • Shooting Range Volunteers Sought
    …and more…


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