Pope Francis is Wrong on Immigration

Jeff Kuhner
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“I disagree with the pope. I disagree with Cardinal Dolan [who advocates open borders and amnesty for all illegals who desire to enter the U.S.A.]… Cardinal Dolan, himself – the archbishop – has said good Catholics must support DACA [temporary protection against deportation for illegal children up to age 36].

The pope himself has openly said Catholics must support and embrace illegal immigrants. He also – I’m not sure if you saw this on that same plane [interview] – he took a shot at climate change deniers. These are people who deny man-made climate change. And when asked specifically– this is the part I found really disgusting – when asked specifically, well, why are they opposed to climate change –
he cites scripture from the Old Testament which says man is stupid. So, he’s calling his critics stupid.

Now, that’s not papal. That’s not to me commensurate with what a pope should be saying. No, look Lucy [the caller he was responding to], I think the facts are clear on this: Pope Francis is a man of the left. He is somebody who is a Peronist – he comes from the Argentinean left. He’s pro open borders. He’s pro Muslim refugee resettlement [in the U.S.A.]. He is pro amnesty. And he’s pro illegal immigration. And he has given the church hierarchy its direct orders: I want you to toe the line on DACA. 

And what I’m telling him, and what I’m telling all the Catholic liberals, is: this is heresy. You’re wrong. There’s nowhere in Catholic scripture or doctrine which justifies this.

Now, you may be angry with me, but read my column, and tell me where I’m wrong. And I’m telling you, you can’t. Because on this issue, I’m right and the pope is wrong … he is the Obama of the Catholic Church. The sooner he goes, the better.”


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