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from the Nov. 1st printed edition….by Lonnie Brennan

Carolos Hernandez at the
Hamilton-Wenham Rod and Gun Club

 Republican Congressional Candidate Carlos Hernandez has lined up squarely on all issues against the arrogant, ultra-liberal extremist Democrat Seth Moulton, in the 6th Congressional District race. Hernandez, a Navy veteran, recently spoke at the Hamilton-Wenham Rod and Gun Club and left no doubt about his support for the Second Amendment:

“I believe unambiguously that as stated in Amendment II of our U.S. Constitution that “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” State and federal laws that contravene this basic constitutional “right” by disarming or eroding the fundamental right of law abiding citizens to protect their families and themselves from potentially fatal criminal force, is not only unconstitutional, it is morally indefensible!

Hernandez posted on his campaign site ( a discussion of the “militia” referred to in the 2nd Amendment, including:

So some may ask, who is the “militia” referred to in the 2nd Amendment? George Mason, a delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787, provides the following answer that politicians and some in the judiciary simply refuse to acknowledge:“I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials.” (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426). Further, George Mason states that “…to disarm the people ― that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380). So there you have it, the “militia” referred to in the 2nd Amendment doesn’t refer to the military establishment, but to ordinary American citizens!


Mike Franco for Governor’s Council 2018

Mike Franco is well underway in his campaign for one of the eight seats on the Governor’s Council, an elected body that reviews and recommends candidates for appointment by the governor to judgeships. The Springfield candidate has issued a meet-up page on the web, and touts: “Join us in fighting corrupt incompetence: Our voice is of utmost importance!”


Hi, This is Republican Governor Charlie Baker,
I’m Calling to Ask You to Vote for a Democrat

We’re still receiving notes about the unprecedented robo-call that lit up the phone lines and social media in Lawrence and beyond. So-called Republican Gov. Charlie Baker stepped across the aisle (again) and (once again) went out of his way to support a Democrat in an election. And yes, there WAS a Republican running in the race who had no chance of winning, so given the unsettled nature of all things in illegal-immigration central Lawrence, Baker apparently repaid a favor and most likely purchased future favors from the incumbent Democrat mayor. To be fair, Baker has shown some significant support for some Republican candidates in the past, but certainly has no plan, no strategy, and no war room to defeat Democrats state-wide.

Some Republicans lit up social media excoriating the Republican governor for his aisle stepping, including postings from John DiMascio of Watertown who said he backed Baker in 2014 and believes he’ll win again in 2018, but not from Republican votes, but rather by Democrat votes. DiMascio criticized Baker for failing to build the Party. Many former candidates backed up DiMascio’s comments, including Salvatore Circosta who wrote “He didn’t help me in Springfield when I ran for mayor.” Al Cecchinelli, who ran in a crowded primary for mayor of Newton this past September couldn’t even get Charlie to send out a reminder for folks to simply go to the polls. He wasn’t asking for an endorsement, just a rah, rah reminder from the head of the Republican Party to get voters to the polls and vote for any of the candidates. Crickets, crickets…


Mark Mezzina vs. Lying Ted Speliotis

Danvers Town Meeting member Mark Mezzina is off and running a spirited race against long-term, tax-raiser Democrat State Rep. Theodore Speliotis.

Speliotis has been a creature of government, in and out of state rep. and town moderator positions. A Danvers High School graduate who typically runs on fiscal responsibility, apparently hides the fact that he’s a sure vote for any proposal to spend, spend, spend. Speliotis sports an “F-” grade from Citizens for Limited Taxation, and a 0% grade from Mass Fiscal Alliance, which tracks and posts all legislative roll-call votes on its website. But who reads websites? So Ted keeps lying to the public, saying how fiscally responsible he is, despite the truth.


Beth Lindstrom: I Will Oppose Trump

Really, Beth? Like we needed to hear from you that you will oppose Trump when you have to? As a Romney-bot, Baker-bot, we know you’re cute, plastic, and expected to pull a lot of votes away from the ONLY Republican elected official in the state who supported, endorsed, and campaigned for Donald Trump: the people’s candidate, Geoff Diehl.

Between pretty Beth, and richie rich John Kingston, III, the MassGOP is going all-out to block Geoff Diehl, in a similar way in which they did everything possible to prevent Donald Trump from getting elected (guess they would have liked having Hillary in there now). Losers.


Judy, Judy, Judy – What’s Up with Crocker?

What’s up with MassGOP State Committeewoman Judy Crocker, wife of Republican Barnstable State Rep. William Crocker? Rumors abound that she’s stepping up big-time to aid notorious anti-Trumper RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) John Kingston, III in his bid to prevent the people’s candidate, State Rep. Geoff Diehl, from ousting an angry/crazy “Lying” Lizzy Warren in the Senate race? Great. Another liberal.


Cheers for Amanda Orlando Kesterson – Gloucester

Republican State Committeewoman Amanda Orlando Kesterson rightfully called foul when she received a photo of a Gloucester, Mass. Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) elementary school fundraiser which featured a bean-bag toss game consisting of gravestones, most prominently one of “Don Trump.”

Amanda posted the photo on Facebook with her comments about how wrong it is to promote this type of politics in an elementary school. The comments went worldwide, and she was showcased on TV. The principal apologized, noting in part how the actions had “inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designed to be a fun family affair.”

This is how it’s done, folks. You need to do what Amanda did: step up, speak out. We hear about Trump-hating, gravestones, and calls for his assassination daily. Do what Amanda did: call out the belligerent left haters when they cross the line.




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