Radical Democrats Unopposed Would Destroy America for All

by Atty. Robert Snider
Boston Broadside Columnist,
Former Suffolk County
Assistant District Attorney


The most damaging mistake that national political leaders make is a failure to recognize circumstances that constitute a warning that unless fundamental changes are made, civil war will result.

Democrats underestimate the reaction of all who are not progressive and woefully discount the death and destruction that may follow if the processes they so cynically pursue lead to a tipping point at which the momentum to general civil violence will not stop.

The Democrats are the party of projection, the process of accusing opponents of their own misdeeds. Thus, we know their plans by what they falsely claim that President Trump will do, e.g. corrupting the vote. Motivated by their deep hatred of President Trump, the Democrats are unlikely to change. We must bring this danger to the attention of everyone before it is too late.

What are the circumstances
that provide a basis for concern?

The decades of contention leading up to the American Civil War over slavery may be also stated as a conflict between two views of what the values of society would be and how society would be structured, or how would work, wealth, and political power be earned. Who would be honored by society, and who would be at the bottom? The split today is as deep.

The progressive plan is to reverse the hierarchy of society, thereby enslaving those who value education, work, and religious values and to redistribute their wealth. In order to disguise their Marxist ideology, Democrats redefined the economic benefits of those with middle-class values as “white privilege” and therefore racist. To buttress their slur, they falsely allege that the whole nation is systematically racist. They plan to punish those who have benefited from so-called white privilege by imposing onerous taxation. Their actual motive is proven by Democratic approval of the destruction of Black-owned businesses by rioting looters and attacks on Black police officers.

Even though they try to disguise their actual plans, a review of the DNC platform establishes that their plans are radical. Open borders, free health care for illegal aliens, the rejection of choice in schools, the rejection of the presumption of innocence, and larcenous taxation for the purpose of redistributing wealth are just a partial list.

That the majority of the nation rejects their socialism does not concern Democrats because part of the radical plan is to force their programs upon the nation as did prior leftist revolutions. 

The leadership of the present Democratic Party, just like the leaders of the same party that led the South into Civil War, consciously ignore the warnings that their lust for a society based on skin color and so-called victimhood is rejected. So too is a society based on secular Marxism. The inconvenient fact that history shows socialism has always led to disaster has been met by erasing history.

Obviously, their plans will not succeed if the dissenting population is armed and protected by the Second Amendment. After the Civil War, the Democrats used gun control laws, fraudulently labeled as safety measures, to disarm the Black population and imposed Jim Crow edicts using the KKK as an armed militia. They are repeating the same strategy.

Instead of the KKK, Antifa is used to attack the police, who are not permitted to react effectively, thereby reversing the usual order by empowering criminals and disarming the police. Federal help is rejected unless, of course, Biden wins, in which case the federal forces will be used to attack dissenting local departments as was done when Obama was president. The policies of reducing the power of local police, reducing their funding and gaining control of their hiring and indoctrination by citizen committees, is part of the same strategy. This is not a prediction because the policy was imposed in Seattle and Portland. That was plain to see to all except viewers of CNN and MSNBC, which suppressed facts contrary to their invented narrative.

Equal justice under the law is a basic and critical value. As pointed out by Attorney General Barr, equal justice means that laws are applied to every citizen the same and that no class is exempt from any law. That is not what is happening now. The Kavanaugh hearing and the defense by all elected Democrats of those who perpetuated the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax and the impeachment hoax showed that Democrats and the media apply two sets of legal standards.

Indeed, Black Lives Matter leader Ariel Atkins contends that the looting from Chicago stores was justified as reparations. On the same grounds, Charlotte Helm, co-founder of the BLM chapter in Louisville, Ky., demands that whites give up their homes to Blacks. That is a perversion of the American Dream.

There is no respect for facts, and they have no shame in passionately asserting outlandish lies. The media regularly suppresses events that do not fit their narrative. The riots, lasting months, were falsely called “peaceful.” Black-on-Black urban homicides, rapidly increasing in response to the assault on law enforcement are ignored as was the cold-blooded shooting of a white, five-year-old boy, Cannon Hinnant, by Darius Seesoms, a Black neighbor.

Americans are not going to see the security that they expect from their government without taking individual self-defense.

Given the irreconcilable nature of the views of American society, what may set off momentum for civil conflict? The election.

The November election is probably going to have issues related to the mass mailing of ballots, the poor state of voter rolls as shown by multiple lawsuits and the ease of filing fraudulent votes. The Democrats anticipate contesting the election if they lose and, if they win based on voter fraud, denying their fraud just as they deny the lawless attacks on Trump. Just as the Floyd murder was used as an excuse for violent rioting, a leftist repeat must be expected.  What should also be expected is a counterattack by Americans of all races who will not be reduced to servitude by progressives without taking action.  ♦

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