Hopefully, There is a Future for the Massachusetts Republican Party

Hopefully, There is a Future for the Massachusetts Republican Party

by Attorney Robert Snider

After the recent election I was depressed. In many local races, where the offices serve as incubators for future statewide leaders, there was no Republican candidate. In other races, the Republican candidates were unimpressive. The titular head of the Republican Party, our governor, let no opportunity pass to denigrate the Party and exerted no effort to recruit candidates or to support conservative values. His studied insult of the vice president was symbolic of his abandonment of conservativism, his selfishness and his hostage mentality. Democrats treat conservative constituents with deserved contempt.

In January, I went to Florida and contacted May Long. You cannot keep a good woman down and May, now in Florida, is a very good woman. Founder of Christians and Jews United for Israel, Inc. in Massachusetts and a committed Tea Party and Republican activist in Massachusetts, May is never intimidated.

May noticed that the Democrats in Florida, motivated by sheer hatred for President Trump, have organized and are busily registering voters in order to flip Florida for the Democrats in 2020, just as big money flipped seats in the usually conservative California districts. May joined a cadre of brilliant, hardworking volunteers determined to bring professionalism, energy and organization to Republicans. Through May, I attended a February 11th event sponsored by the Palm Beach Republicans and attended by 1,100 boisterous and joyful Republicans, to hear speeches by local Party leaders, conservative organization heads, Cory Lewandowski and David Bossie. I was energized and learned that there is more to admire in Florida than just the weather.

The high spirits of the group were evident from the enthusiastic participation in patriotic songs, the national anthem and the Pledge of Alliance. The reports of progress of conservative bills, such as an anti-sanctuary city bill, were delivered but the main purpose of the meeting was explained by Corey and David. Republicans must mount a counter-registration effort to match the Democratic machine’s effort – or lose Florida. The importance of Florida to the presidential election in 2020 and the need is evident from the narrow margins achieved by Senator Scott and Governor DeSantis. The energy must come from the grassroots and not from large donations from shadowy figures like George Soros.

The grassroots’ energy bubbled up in that meeting. In the previous election, one volunteer woman working independently had drafted a Republican policy statement researched entirely by her and passed out over 6,000 copies during a campaign event. All present knew what the president’s program is and what the polls show. They recognize the necessity of countering the Democratic attack on capitalism, on infanticide, on Israel, on tax reform and on individual success based on hard work and talent.

The MassGOP State Committee has been ripped from the dead hand of the hostage governor. The time has come for Massachusetts Republicans to come together and organize. We must register Republican voters and motivate them to vote. The time has come to contact groups who are our natural allies: For instance, Russian immigrants who know first-hand the results of Marxism; on parents who do not know that their children’s teachers are attending to the education of the children of illegals and short-changing their children; to blacks who vote for Democrats even though it is the party of racism; and to Jews who should recognize the anti-Israel passion of the Democrats is overt anti-Semitism.

The Republican State Committee is now lead by Jim Lyons, the conservative we have been waiting for. I sent a check in the amount of $45, symbolizing my commitment to 2020, to Jim Lyons, MassGOP, 85 Merrimac Street, #400, Boston, Mass. 02114.

Up from Florida – orange juice and political juice, a great combination.   ♦


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  1. Diehl basically stopped having radio and tv ads in September of last year. Warren had a cake walk. The most ineffective Attorney General in state history, Maura Healey, got a free ride to re-election as MassGOP couldn’t even garner a tv or radio ad to support McMahon’s candidacy. Scott Brown won an upset election. Yet, he cared more about photo opportunities and his daughter’s singing career than he did about the folks who voted for him. The 1990’s into the early 2000’s saw Weld, Cellucci, Swift and Romney as Governor. All Republicans. Even Joe Malone whos treasury office had the largest scandal in modern state history, got elected. Now we have Baker. Maybe if MassGOP was a serious organization then maybe we’d see change. As the past 29 years have shown, Republicans can get elected in the Bay State. Yes, they are RINOS though. Some could rival the Democrats for sleaziness.

  2. I agree that Baker has problems, but is this a symptom of our times? Parties have lined up with each other, and no longer is there truly a traditional two party system here in Massachusetts. I’m a Republican fisheries reformer, and consider myself to be an expert in fishery systems reform: I’m published and was well known for my work. I could not get any interest at all going with Republicans, as both parties are in “lockstep” with each other. It could be that the Democrat Party has not much to show for their fishery work. We are out of cod. Our fisheries are in deplorable condition. You have a Republican fisheries rock star here, and you don’t know it. The Republicans here in Massachusetts are not well served, because were not in the game. I would agree to that sentiment by Robert Snider. Our own governor is antithetical to our principles. He refused a debate with a good man, Scott Lively.

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