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A Sampling of Bills Filed by Mass. Legislators – Part 1


A Sampling of Bills Filed by Massachusetts Legislators – Part 1



Dem. Rep.  David Paul Linsky:  HD.840, GENDER “X”

An Act Relative to Gender Identity on Massachusetts Identification

Democrat Rep. David Paul Linksy (Natick) has re-introduced a bill to allow individuals to designate “X” for gender in lieu of “male” or “female” on an application for a driver’s license, learner’s permit, identification card or liquor purchase identification card.

“No documentation shall be required for such designations.”

The bill’s co-sponsors include, but are not limited to, the following reps and senators (all Democrats):

Rep. David Paul Linsky, Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis, Rep. Tami L. Gouveia, Sen. Rebecca L. Rausch, Rep. Carmine Lawrence Gentile, Rep. Kay Khan, Rep. Natalie M. Blais, Sen. Harriette L. Chandler, Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, Sen. Joanne M. Comerford, Rep. Mike Connolly, Sen. Julian Cyr, Sen. Sal N. DiDomenico, Rep. Mindy Domb, Sen. James B. Eldridge, Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, Sen. Paul R. Feeney, Rep. Dylan A. Fernandes, Rep. Patricia A. Haddad, Rep. James K. Hawkins, Rep. Jonathan Hecht, Rep. Natalie M. Higgins, Rep. Kate Hogan, Sen. Patricia D. Jehlen, Rep. Patrick Joseph Kearney, Rep. Mary S. Keefe, Rep. David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf, Sen. Jason M. Lewis, Rep. Jay D. Livingstone, Rep. Elizabeth A. Malia, Rep. Christina A. Minicucci, Sen. Michael O. Moore, Rep. Tram T. Nguyen, Rep. Sarah K. Peake, Rep. Denise Provost, Rep. Maria Duaime Robinson, Rep. David M. Rogers, Rep. Thomas M. Stanley, Rep. Tommy Vitolo.


Designing Women & Men: Let’s Create a Whole New
Government Entity

Dem. Rep. Patricia Haddad
Bill HD.329

Democrat Rep. Patricia Haddad (Somerset) has proposed a 2,166-word bill which would create a plethora of state actions, licenses, fees, and certifications for “registered commercial interior designers.” Simply put, if you do not complete a state exam, pay a fee every two years, and “stay abreast of current knowledge in the profession by completing continuing education units (CEUs),” etc., you will not be able to suggest the placement of decorations, furnishings, fixtures, or paint colors. The bill is laden with requirements, registrations, administrative fees, and copious use of the words: shall, will, comply, fee, and “as determined by the board.” The “board” in this case is a new board that will serve the commonwealth to promulgate whatever additional rules, requirements, fees, compliance, etc., will be required for would-be designers.

The bill’s co-sponsors include, but are not limited to, the following legislators:

Rep. Patricia A. Haddad, Rep. Elizabeth A. Poirier, Rep. Louis L. Kafka, Rep. Brian W. Murray, Rep. James Arciero, Rep. Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr., Rep. David Biele, Rep. Paul Brodeur, Rep. Antonio F. D. Cabral, Rep. Angelo L. D’Emilia, Rep. Michael S. Day, Rep. Kimberly N. Ferguson, Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante, Rep. Susan Williams Gifford, Rep. Natalie M. Higgins, Rep. Bradford Hill, Rep. Kate Hogan, Rep. Steven S. Howitt, Rep. Daniel J. Hunt, Rep. Bradley H. Jones, Jr., Rep. Hannah Kane, Rep. David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf, Sen. Jason M. Lewis, Rep. Adrian C. Madaro, Rep. Elizabeth A. Malia, Rep. Joseph W. McGonagle, Jr., Rep. Paul McMurtry, Rep. David K. Muradian, Jr., Rep. James M. Murphy, Rep. Denise Provost. Rep. Paul F. Tucker, Rep. Susannah M. Whipps.


Banning Guns from Student Cars

Dem. Rep. Theodore Speliotis


Simply titled, “An Act Relative to School Safety,” Democrat Rep. Theodore Speliotis (Danvers) seeks to enshrine in legislation the prohibition of students to store firearms in their cars.  At publication time, Theodore remained the sole sponsor of his bill.


Vote ‘None of the Above’

Dem. Rep. Theodore Speliotis HD.2996

Well, here’s another pressing issue that has weighed so heavily on the minds of so many voters: How to not vote. Arrive at the polling booth, don’t like the names? What are you going to do? Skip over that particular office? Leave it blank? Write in Mickey Mouse? No longer a problem if Theodore Speliotis is finally able to push this marble over the hill. His proposed bill will ensure that “Each ballot shall offer ‘None of the Above’ as a voting option.”


An Act to Require Liability Insurance for Gun Ownership

Dem. Sen. Michael Barrett


Under Democrat Sen. Michael Barrett’s (Lexington) proposed bill, every gunowner in the state will be forced to purchase liability insurance. The bill is widely seen as another infringement on constitutional rights, and is anticipated to open a Pandora’s Box of additional financial and other restraints, all aimed at seeking to disarm as many Massachusetts’ citizens as possible.

The bill’s co-sponsors include, but are not limited to, the following legislators (all Democrats):

Sen. Michael J. Barrett, Rep. Carmine Lawrence Gentile, Rep. Marjorie C. Decker, Sen. Rebecca L. Rausch, Sen. James B. Eldridge, Sen. Cindy F. Friedman, Rep. Denise Provost, Sen. Michael D. Brady.


Making Gun Ownership Expensive and Difficult

Dem. Rep. David Paul Linsky HD.837

An Act to Require Liability Insurance for Gun Ownership – Failure to Carry Insurance a Fine Up to $5,000 or Imprisonment for Not More than One Year, or Both!

Democrat Rep. David Paul Linksy (Natick), perhaps one of the most notorious opponents of the 2nd Amendment, has filed in the House a bill that would require all lawful gun owners to purchase liability insurance (as yet undefined), and failing same, would subject the gun owner up to a $5,000 fine, and/or up to a year in a “house of correction.” Davy is so afraid of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment that we’re surprised he didn’t file a bill against paint-ball guns, cap guns, and water pistols.

The bill’s co-sponsors include, but are not limited to, the following legislators (all Democrat):

Rep. David Paul Linsky, Rep. Carmine Lawrence Gentile, Rep. Ruth B. Balser, Sen. Michael J. Barrett, Rep. Michelle L. Ciccolo, Sen. James B. Eldridge, Rep. Dylan A. Fernandes, Rep. Denise C. Garlick, Rep. Kenneth I. Gordon, Rep. Kay Khan, Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis, Rep. Alice Hanlon Peisch.


Jaywalking Fines  ̶ Seriously?

Dem. Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier


The rep who posted a video on her Facebook page proclaiming that everyone is welcome in the United States, legal, illegal, just get yourself into Massachusetts, the illegal magnet capital of the USA, has it out for jaywalkers.

Tricia’s bill would specifically allow all cities and towns to impose a fine for jaywalking in an amount up to $50. Farley-Bouvier (Pittsfield) was the only sponsor of the bill at press time.


Driver’s Licenses for Jet Ski Riders

Dem. Rep. Bruce Ayers


Democrat Rep. Bruce Ayers (Quincy) wants to make sure any jet ski riders attend a mandatory training program and apparently get licensed by the state before climbing aboard their watercraft. It’s unclear from his proposed bill if a new registry of jet skis will be created, or if the current registry of motor vehicles will be expanded to accommodate whatever traffic there is for jet ski learner permits and licenses, education programs, training, and exams. And will expensive insurance be required?


Requiring a Red Light on All Bicycles, or Get Fined $50

Dem. Senator Cynthia Stone Creem: SD.1553

Democrat Senator Cynthia Stone Creem’s (Newton) filing of “An Act Relative to Bicycle Safety” will require all bicycle owners to adorn their toys with “a lamp emitting a red light” or face a fine of “fifty dollars.”


Pay for Childcare from Campaign Funds

Dem. Senator Patricia Jehlen SD.304

Touted as “An Act Supporting Parents Running for Public Office,” Democrat Senator Patricia Jehlen (Somerville) seeks to allow political candidates to pay for childcare from their campaign accounts. Currently, many politicians enhance their lifestyles through so-called political contributions which are extensively used for meals, cell phones, travel, and in so many other ways. This bill would simply allow another method for politicians to gain another perk.


Driver Licenses
‘Privilege Cards’
for Illegal Aliens

Rep. Shawn Dooley: HD.361

Republican Rep. Shawn Dooley (Norfolk) has proposed “An Act Establishing Driver Privilege Cards for Undocumented Residents of the Commonwealth,” which would ensure that those in the commonwealth of Massachusetts illegally can obtain “driver privilege cards.”

Dooley spilled 1,399 words (thus far) into his proposed bill to make sure that Massachusetts remains one of the top target destinations for all illegals, everywhere. We expect in the future, in addition to free food, housing, clothing, EBT cards, driver privilege cards, education, college tuition, phones, cars, transportation subsidies, etc., that liberal legislators such as Dooley will be seeking to subsidize Starbucks Frappuccinos and marijuana purchases for illegals.

The bill is co-sponsored by Democrat Sen. Rebecca L. Rausch.


3 Replies to “A Sampling of Bills Filed by Mass. Legislators – Part 1

  1. So according to Senator Michael Barret, only the rich will be able to own guns and defend themselves. Another infringement on our second amendment rights. I think its unbecoming behavior of a man in his position to disregard his sworn pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution. This new bill only discriminates against law abiding citizens and further inhibits those who cannot afford another fee to own a firearm. People have a right to defend themselves against those who would cause them harm. This bill does nothing to those who seek the shadows behind the law.

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