Liberal Legislators voterfraud

Leftist Democrats Move to Guarantee Cheat-by-Mail Voting, Voting by Illegals, and Voting by Prisoners

FEB, 9, 2021

by Lonnie Brennan

WXTK Talk Show Host Ed Lambert was joined by Holly Robichaud this a.m. where they roundly exposed a proposal by radical Mass. Democrats who seek to codify mail-in-balloting, same-day voter registration/voting, voting by illegals, and voting by prisoners.

“It was the biggest folly I’ve seen in years,” Lambert said as he went on to cite issues with mail-in-ballots, multiple mail-in-ballots to the same resident, bad addresses, glitches in the mailings, etc. and other ballot security problems.

“It makes sense if you want to continue the cheating and the rigging of our elections,” Robichaud responded. “Mail-in-voting was the gateway to cheating. And they [the groups pushing the new legislation] their idea of equitable also means, I would assume from this, is illegals voting; looking at all of the members of this group and the things that they put out there on their website, it would appear to me that they believe that everybody that’s here should have the right to vote. And that’s not true. If you’re here illegally, you don’t have a right to vote in our country. I’m sorry. You don’t.”

Lambert replied: “No, not ‘sorry,’ screw. You don’t [have a right to vote] period. End of conversation. Next!”

The host and his guest reviewed the major provisions of a bill being which was filed in the House and Senate.

Democrat Secretary of State William Galvin is wasting no time pushing for expansive use of vote-by-mail as well as same-day registration. Galvin has repeatedly let it be known how very happy he was to see a dramatic increase in the number of votes cast by mail-in voters during the presidential election.

In Massachusetts as well as elsewhere, problems with mail-in-voting and their lack of traceability have been cited by many as one of the reason so many ballots were cast, and why so many are questionable.

As an example, in the fall of 2020, Project Veritas released an undercover recording in which Millis Town Clerk Lisa Jane Hardin explained “It was something in the computer program that entered them as having applied for the November ballot.” She was referring to hundreds of vote-by-mail ballots which were sent out in town, to people who did not request them. She termed it a “glitch.”

The bills are being pushed by Democrat Senator Cynthia Creem and Democrate Representative John Lawn. They’re calling it the “VOTES Act” which they proposed to make sure everyone can vote, including those in prison.” Creem and Lawn are joined by the “Election Modernization Coalition” of which leftist group Common Cause of Massachusetts and others are joined to push to forever change the way people vote.

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