Liberal Legislators

Dooley Promoting Homosexuality, Haddad Promoting Infanticide


Republican Rep.
Shawn Dooley Promoting
Bill to Encourage, but Not Discourage, Bisexuality/
Gender Whatever…

Known liberal Republican Rep. Shawn Dooley (Norfolk) has proposed “An Act Banning Conversion Therapy,” which would land therapy providers in the hot seat, “subject to discipline by the appropriate licensing board, which may include suspension or revocation of license,” should a school therapist or other discuss in any way or discourage in any way a child from participating in bisexual and homosexual acts and activities.
In the 508-word proposed bill, Dooley has yet to allow for any concessions to non-public schools, or other entities which might teach that participation in certain activities should be looked at with caution, and/or should be discouraged. At this time, the bill is co-sponsored by Democrat Rep. Michael J. Soter (Bellingham).

Liberal Massachusetts
Legislators Seek to
Kill Babies
Up Until Moment of Birth – Perhaps Beyond…

Following a vote in New York State which heralded in a new age of death until birth, Mass. Democrat Rep. Patricia Haddad (Somerset) has garnered a frightening amount of support for her pro-death bill, “An Act Removing Obstacles and Expanding Access to Women’s Reproductive Health.

Under Rep. Haddad’s bill, women will be allowed to kill their unborn babies up until the moment of birth, perhaps beyond.
The bill echoes similar bills being pushed by progressive/socialist legislators who strive to ensure that all legal measures are in place to make sure a would-be-mother can murder her baby up until the moment of birth. With regret, there is no mention in the bill’s draft of funding to help with the mental damage which mothers of dead babies most likely will need.
Co-sponsors of the bill, all Democrats with the exception of two Republicans, Rep. James Kelcourse (Amesbury) and Rep. Donald Wong (Saugus), are:
Rep. Patricia A. Haddad, Rep. Jay D. Livingstone, Rep. Mike Connolly, Rep. Michael J. Moran, Rep. Louis L. Kafka, Rep. David M. Rogers, Rep. Tami L. Gouveia, Rep. Maria Duaime Robinson, Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis, Rep. Natalie M. Higgins, Rep. Lindsay N. Sabadosa, Rep. Kenneth I. Gordon, Rep. Smitty Pignatelli, Rep. Denise Provost, Rep. Aaron Vega, Rep. Steven Ultrino, Rep. David Paul Linsky, Rep. Dylan A. Fernandes, Sen. Jason M. Lewis, Rep. James Arciero, Rep. Ruth B. Balser, Rep. Christine P. Barber, Rep. John Barrett, III, Sen. Michael J. Barrett, Rep. Jennifer E. Benson, Rep. Natalie M. Blais, Sen. Joseph A. Boncore, Rep. Paul Brodeur, Rep. Antonio F. D. Cabral, Rep. Daniel Cahill, Rep. Peter Capano, Rep. Daniel R. Carey, Rep. Gerard J. Cassidy, Sen. Harriette L. Chandler, Rep. Michelle L. Ciccolo, Rep. Claire D. Cronin, Rep. Daniel R. Cullinane, Sen. Julian Cyr, Rep. Michael S. Day, Rep. Marjorie C. Decker, Sen. Sal N. DiDomenico, Rep. Mindy Domb, Rep. Daniel M. Donahue, Rep. William J. Driscoll, Jr., Rep. Michelle M. DuBois, Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema, Rep. Lori A. Ehrlich, Sen. James B. Eldridge, Rep. Nika C. Elugardo, Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante, Rep. Carole A. Fiola, Rep. Sean Garballey, Rep. Denise C. Garlick, Rep. Carmine Lawrence Gentile, Rep. Carlos Gonzalez, Rep. Danielle W. Gregoire, Rep. Richard M. Haggerty, Rep. James K. Hawkins, Rep. Stephan Hay, Rep. Jonathan Hecht, Rep. Christopher Hendricks, Rep. Kate Hogan, Rep. Kevin G. Honan, Rep. Daniel J. Hunt, Sen. Patricia D. Jehlen, Rep. Mary S. Keefe, Republican Rep. James M. Kelcourse, Rep. Kay Khan, Rep. John J. Lawn, Jr., Rep. David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf, Sen. Joan B. Lovely, Rep. Adrian C. Madaro, Rep. John J. Mahoney, Rep. Elizabeth A. Malia, Rep. Paul W. Mark, Rep. Joseph W. McGonagle, Jr., Rep. Joan Meschino, Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Rep. Christina A. Minicucci, Rep. Liz Miranda, Rep. Rady Mom, Sen. Michael O. Moore, Rep. Frank A. Moran, Rep. Brian W. Murray, Rep. Harold P. Naughton, Jr., Rep. Tram T. Nguyen, Rep. James J. O’Day, Sen. Marc R. Pacheco, Rep. Sarah K. Peake, Rep. Alice Hanlon Peisch, Sen. Rebecca L. Rausch, Rep. Daniel J. Ryan, Rep. Jon Santiago, Rep. Paul A. Schmid, III, Rep. Thomas M. Stanley, Rep. William M. Straus, Rep. José F. Tosado, Rep. Paul F. Tucker, Rep. Chynah Tyler, Rep. Andres X. Vargas, Rep. Tommy Vitolo, Republican Rep. Donald H. Wong.

One Reply to “Dooley Promoting Homosexuality, Haddad Promoting Infanticide

  1. Basically evil. Destruction of our nations future. Seeing the names of many of the political supporters of this horrible bill, I would assume that many consider themselves to be Catholic or of other Christian faiths. It seems that our Archdiocese is pre-occupied with real estate transactions and status seeking to put up solid resistance to this evil bill. The people who sponsor this evil on Beacon Hill are not liberal. They are self-serving haters.

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