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EDITORIAL ARCHIVES: Charlie (Baker) is for Charlie


Baker Turns His Back on Yet Another Republican –
After All, Charlie is for Charlie

This time, it was Lynn’s two-term Republican Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy who went down in flames to her Democrat opponent. State Senator Tommy McGee ousted Kennedy while silently pushing his plan to add as many toll roads as possible in the commonwealth.

The city’s newspaper said it all: “Notably absent was any support from the Massachusetts Republican Party. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker did not come to the city to endorse his fellow Republican.”

No surprise. Baker, who lives next door in Swampscott, couldn’t find his way to stop in for a few moments and campaign or otherwise support Kennedy. Why? Lots of reasons get bantered about: Baker being a proponent of Sanctuary Cities while Kennedy speaks out against the concept’s lawlessness, and so many more. But in the end it’s probably just his pattern of standing down or making only a lame, minimalist, last-minute, so-called support of most Republican candidates. Baker: the gift to Democrats that keeps on giving.

Charlie Baker:
Free Birth Control, Free Abortions for All

If he isn’t spending time appointing Democrat homosexuals and lesbians to key government positions, including judgeships, Republican Governor Charlie Baker will find the cameras each and every time possible to let everyone know his liberal agenda in forcing everyone to pay for abortions and such.

Charlie has made it repeatedly clear that every taxpayer in the state WILL pay to ensure that every woman in the state – legal and illegal – will have free, taxpayer-paid birth control (pills, devices, etc.) and free abortions. Charlie wants to make sure that every would-be-mother knows that there will never be a financial cost, not even an insurance deductible, to kill her unborn baby.

As for pregnancy care centers in the state which do not provide abortion services, but instead provide support, funding, diapers, clothing, housing, medical care and women’s care … to give birth? Nah. Forgetaboutit. Charlie isn’t interested.

Someone should tell Charlie that having an abortion doesn’t just make a mother un-pregnant. It makes her the murderer of her unborn child. Perhaps it took some of us until the birth of our own children to see this, but at least we reached an age where we could see the truth.

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