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“Mass Victory Offices” Setup for Baker and Liberals ONLY! Conservatives Need Not Apply

“Mass Victory Offices” Setup for Baker and Liberals ONLY!

Conservatives Need Not Apply

by Lonnie Brennan

See the e-mail below.  This is nothing new. The only surprising thing is that more people don’t know about it: The Massachusetts Republican Party is run by liberal Democrats, masquerading as Republicans.

The onset of an election season is again marked by the onset of so-called “Victory Offices” deployed by the MassGOP, presumably to ensure the victory of all Republicans. Ha. In truth, the offices are collection centers: collection centers established to suck the life out of all volunteers from as many local candidate committees as possible. The specific task: phone would-be voters. Identify their interest in voting for the governor.

That’s it. A database collection and verification effort on behalf of the top of the ticket.

What is, however, surprising, is that one local office staff member was honest enough to admit to a would-be user that the game is rigged.

I have direct experience with these offices from several cycles. It’s always the same. One purpose: top of ticket. All other political offices are not even a secondary concern. At best, a tertiary concern. Yes, IF you can keep someone on the phone long enough, you’re allowed to ask an approved question about your local candidate – IF that candidate is a liberal. Again, conservatives are NOT welcome in the Baker “big tent.”  [Reminder: If you support the 2nd Amendment, vote for Scott Lively – send a message to Gov. Charlie Baker.]

So, what’s the correct action for a would-be campaign volunteer? Simple:

  1. Give money directly to the one candidate you really want to support. And do it now. Even if it’s $20. Just do it. Give more when you can.
  2. Don’t step foot inside a “Victory” office. There are alternative ways to identify voters who need to be called. There are many people who can provide you the listings and show you how to do this. And remember, the personal touch is always the best. Share lists with one another, and go through every name and see if you know any of your neighbors. That’s the best method: direct to folks you know.
  3. Volunteer to walk your neighborhood with your candidate, and a stack of signs. Get a sign up at every 5th house you visit. Ask everyone. Deploy right there, right then. This is simple stuff.

Here’s an e-mail obtained which was sent today to the MassGOP. It says it all. (Note: Several addresses have been removed to protect the innocent):


From: Diane Splitz
Date: Thursday, August 2, 2018
Subject: Mass Victory Office Usage
To: “” <>, “

Dear Sir or Madam:

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Mass Victory office in Sandwich and met with Dylan Soule.  I have been a volunteer on a number of campaigns in the past participating in stand-outs and parades, walking door-to-door, working on the phone bank, attending fundraisers, and have assisted with mailings.

I have done some of these things for Representative Randy Hunt and have financially supported his campaign in the past, but like many of his conservative constituents, I feel he has betrayed us with his support of liberal economic policies and social agendas.  He has reached across the aisle so many times that he has forgotten which side of the aisle he belong on and who put him there.

I was upset to learn from Dylan that Mass Victory would not be supporting Representative Hunt’s opponent, Ron Beaty, because of a felony conviction from years ago whereby he went to jail for doing basically what Madona and Robert De Niro did recently, only to be publically praised.  As a hot-headed youth he made some inappropriate statements, for which he has taken full responsibility.  It is disappointing to know that, while he served his time, is not a threat to society and never really was, and, unlike his opponent, has proven his dedication to advancing true republican ideals, your office is unwilling to assist him in his campaign.

Additionally, we were told by Dylan that Mass Victory would not be supporting the Scott Lively for Governor campaign because it is, “Not a strategic move.”

It is my understanding that the Massachusetts GOP raises money to aid ALL republican candidates and professes to apply NO favoritism.  Dylan specifically indicated that he believes the GOP does not want to waste any money on a candidate that has little hope of winning. We explained that allowing Dr. Lively supporters to display his materials in Mass Victory offices and use the phone bank data system will be of no extra cost to the office, or to the organization as a whole.  Dylan also indicated that volunteers who use the phones for all other campaigns are expected to insert information that specifically promotes Governor Charlie Baker, a clear indication of favoritism.

As a conservative constituent of the Town of Sandwich and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am appalled that conservative candidates are being blacklisted in this way.  I would like a clearer explanation as to why certain candidates are being treated so unfairly and I would like you to reconsider your position and allow us to promote our preferred candidates through the Mass Victory offices.

Dylan, I must say, was very charming, pleasant and professional.  From what I can tell, he is very hard working and dedicated.  He seemed genuinely open-minded about our concerns, apologized for not being able to help us and explained that the decisions were being made by people “above his pay grade.”  I hope the people above his pay grade can prove to him that our government is still for the people and by the people by making the election process more equitable for all.

I look forward to your response.

Diane Splitz
Sandwich, MA

5 Replies to ““Mass Victory Offices” Setup for Baker and Liberals ONLY! Conservatives Need Not Apply

  1. As a Democrat who voted for Trump and thinks that Trump is doing very well, I’ve got to say that MassGop offers little opposition to the Beacon Hill swamp. Maura Healey is the worst attorney general that this state has ever seen. Yet, we see not one tv or radio ad from the Republican candidate for state AG. The MassGOP in my opinion are power hungry people who like Gov. Baker, go along to get along. No reformists. The most popular and successful Republicans in the past 37 years have been former Democrats like Reagan and Trump.

  2. Being a conservative candidate for Congress I have reached out to Merrimac Street multiple times. It is always the same routine. “Everybody is busy right now but we will call you right back” That call has never come. I even decided to show up in person only to be told that nobody is available to speak to you right now. It is their job to help candidates but they will only speak to you if you are an establishment RINO. Kirstin Hughes has provided feckless leadership. This year 80% of races will go unopposed. All my conservative friends are telling me the same story. We would be just mainstream conservatives in the rest of the country but to the Mass GOP we are pariahs. It is time for the party faithful to revolt. We are a conservative party and we deserve conservative leadership.

  3. baker trying to take credit for what trump did baker had nothing to \\for low employment rate trump did that and he didnt even support trump bad politics for bakers team

  4. Ms. Splitz, thank you for writing, sharing your feelings and experiences. I feel passionately about Dr. Lively and have been helping to get him on the ballot Sept 4th. I will not be helping the GOP with any financial assistance after reading your comments. Thank you. Donna Allard

  5. Each of us must educate other conservatives about the lies the RINO’s tell us like we need to adjust our moral compass and vote for the electable republican candidate. The truth is the RINO candidates do not represent our values, and we do have the electable candidate Scott Lively and we all need to listen to our conscience when we vote not the liberal GOP. Thank you Boston Broadside and Diane Splitz

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