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Democrat Rep. Danielle Gregorie: Living the Good Life Off of ‘Campaign Donations’

Democrat Rep. Danielle Gregorie: Living the Good Life Off of ‘Campaign Donations’

Rep. Spent $21,538 in Campaign Funds in 2017
with No Campaign, No Opponent


by Lonnie Brennan

MARLBOROUGH – Last year was a very, very good year for Democrat State Rep. Danielle Gregorie, who represents the 4th Middlesex (certain precincts in Marlborough, Northborough, and Westborough). How good? The pol spent more than $21,500 of so-called “campaign funds” living the good life, from attending “women’s conventions” in Las Vegas and D.C., to multiple dinners at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and frequent visits to Emmet’s Pub across from the State House.

 Big Spender with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – Facebook photo

This rep enjoys her travels, hotel stays, and picking up the tab at lunch and dinner on a frequent basis, but why not? It’s all play money, and apparently almost all garnered from lobbyists, political action committees, politicians, and “consultants.” Indeed, of the $8,207 in campaign funds the Democrat raked in in 2017, only $100 was attributed to an in-district donor (Mary Ayakian of 27 Oakcrest Ave., Marlborough, Mass.). The bulk of the remainder is attributed to lobbyists, consultants, and political action committees from Abington, Boston, Brookline, Cohasset, Dorchester, Framingham, Florence, Norwell, Quincy, Scituate, Sudbury, Winchester, and Worcester. None in-district.

Yep, in just one year, 2017, Rep. Gregorie spent more money at restaurants, hotels, conventions, and custom “Women’s March Embroidery” than most citizens spend on their home mortgage, and more. A few examples of living the good life:

Antonio’s Cucina Italia, Boston: April 28 – Staff meal: $186.00

Aria Hotel, Las Vegas: April 26 – Women in Government MA Reception: $442.24 (also air fare to and from Las Vegas, hotel stay, food, etc., you get the idea. Delta Airlines got hundreds from the Rep.)

Bostonian, Boston: May 19 – Discussion with colleagues on climate change: $188.44

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: Jan 2 – Staff Lunch: $72.80

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: Jan 16 – Discussion with Colleagues on New Legislation (Human Trafficking): $102.40

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: March 24 – Discussion of elder affairs budget: $143.80

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: April 14 – Budget discussion with colleagues: $112.40

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: June 2 – Staff meal: $100.40

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: June 19 – Meeting with staff on staffing issues: $82.45

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: Sept. 11 – Post hearing meeting with committee members: $299.35

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: Oct. 27 – Staff meal: $170.55

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: Nov. 2 – Meeting with colleagues on pending legislation: $197.30

Fairmont Copley Place, Boston – Nov. 10 – Election night celebration: $342.85

Marlborough Firefighters Charitable Account: Sept. 5 – Donation: $100.00

Marlborough Firefighters Charitable Account: Dec. 19 – Donation: $100.00

Moo, Boston: May 3 – Staff birthday celebration: $182.54

Omni Parker House, Boston: Jan. 27 – State of the Commonwealth/Mass breakfast, hotel accommodations: $181.97

Ruth’s Chris, Boston: Jan. 12 – Swearing in day celebration with constituents: $228.46

Ruth’s Chris, Boston: Feb. 21 – Discussion of committee assignments with colleagues: $180.64

Ruth’s Chris, Boston: May 4 – Meal with colleagues to discuss home care registry: $485.35

Stitch This, Marlborough: Jan. 20 – Women’s March scarf embroidery: $385.00

The Deal Rack, Wynnewood, PA: Jan. 12 – Women’s March scarves: $318.47

The Lenox Hotel, Boston: April 26 – Budget week accommodations: $312.04

United Airlines, Chicago, IL: May 15 – Women in Government travel return: $299.80

Welly’s Restaurant, Marlborough: June 18 – Ladies of the House Tour Planning: $140.80

Ruth’s Chris, Boston: Aug. 1 – Dinner with colleague on elder issues: $382.64

Ruth’s Chris, Boston: Oct. 5 – Meeting with advocates on human trafficking: $278.76

Town of Westboro, Westborough: Oct. 2: Donation – Town 350th Anniversary: $250.00

Scollay Square, Boston: July 27 – Staff meal: $142.31

United Airlines, Chicago, IL: July 17 – Airfare – Women in Government Savannah: $377.60

Westin, Boston: Aug. 11 – Lodging for 3 nights: $933.90

Those are just a few of the expenditures in 2017. Yes, we saw some office supply expenses, payments to campaign staff, flowers and such, but the bulk of expenditures went to eating large. Very large, and a few donations (for example, Jackie Smith Foundation, Marlborough: April 24 – Donation $100.00).

Gregoire was elected in 2008, having previously served as the aide to the former denizen of that office.

Now in her 10th year.

Living the good life.




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  1. The photo with Walsh speaks volumes. Another example of how the Democratic Party has turned its back on the working class. The once advocates of the working people are now mostly a party of greedy elitists.

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