SALEM, MASS RALLY THURSDAY 4:15: Judge Timothy Feeley LETS ANOTHER CRIMINAL LOOSE. He must go! – Massachusetts judge is a menace to society

Jeff Kuhner w/Geoff Diehl will hold a RALLY Thursday, May 24 at 4:15 PM in front of the Salem Superior Court, 56 Federal Street, Salem, Mass. 


Parking in Salem can be difficult. 

Use the map below:

  • Museum Place Garage:
    1 New Liberty Street, Salem, MA 01970. The garage costs $.75/hour and cash and credit are accepted in the payment kiosks.
  • Church Street Lot:
    With smart meters and no time restrictions, the Church Street lot is another great option. You do need to pay at a multispace meter before leaving your car, though, so make sure you pay for as many hours as you will need. Cost is $1.00 per hour, and the multispace meters accept credit cards and cash.
  • The MBTA Commuter Rail:
    The MBTA Commuter Rail Station is accessible and conveniently located at 252 Bridge Street. Parking is just $5.00 for your first 14 hours . There’s a bike cage, too.

Judge Timothy Feeley must go

Massachusetts judge is a menace to society

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


Liberal judges in Massachusetts are out of control. They pose a mortal danger to public safety, and need to be reined in. Exhibit A is Salem Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley. He has blood on his hands.


Feeley ruled Tuesday that a notorious local drug dealer, Manuel Soto-Vittini, will not serve any time in prison despite pleading guilty to charges of drug possession with intent to distribute. In particular, Salem police officers arrested Soto-Vittini in June 2015. They found over 40 small bags of heroin (and two small bags of cocaine) hidden in secret compartments inside his luxurious black Volvo. According to police reports, Soto-Vittini is a major dealer, who for years has been a central player in the city’s heroin trade. In short, he is directly responsible for the opioid epidemic plaguing Salem, which has taken countless lives. He is a peddler of poison; a merchant of death.


Feeley, however, has set him free. The stunning reason: According to the Moonbat judge, Soto-Vittini is a businessman—an entrepreneur—who is simply trying to provide for his family.


“This was basically a money crime,” Feeley said, denying the prosecutor’s request for one to three years in prison.


“This was not a drug addict who was dealing to fund his own addiction,” the judge said, “but rather, a person who made some terrible judgments and decisions, but made them for what he thought was in the best interest of his family.”


Only in Massachusetts: The heroin drug dealer as the noble family man. Feeley was referring to Soto-Vittini’s girlfriend, the two children they have, and his mother. What the judge forgot to mention is that for Soto-Vittini drug trafficking is a family business.


“That family are the biggest drug dealers around Salem,” a law enforcement official told me. For example, Soto-Vittini’s brother, Michael Soto-Vittini, was sentenced to over two years in prison in an unrelated case for heroin distribution. The Soto-Vittinis have become wealthy—fancy cars, swanky apartments and bundles of cash—by getting kids hooked on highly addictive, deadly drugs.


Yet, there was another reason why Feeley let Soto-Vittini free: The drug dealer is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He is living here as a permanent legal resident. Hence, if he should go to jail, then his green card status would be revoked and Soto-Vittini would be deported. Despite pleading guilty, Feeley refused to send Soto-Vittini to prison in order to help him avoid deportation.


Think about it: Feeley is putting the rights and interests of an admitted heroin trafficker above those of U.S. citizens and the many Americans killed by the opioid scourge. Over 60,000 died last year alone due to the opioid epidemic. In Massachusetts, the death toll is in the thousands. Now, because of Feeley’s reckless, immoral and irresponsible actions, Soto-Vittini will be back to pump more narcotics—and death—into our communities. More people will become addicted; more schools and neighborhoods will be infested with heroin/fentanyl; and more children will die.


Salem, once a traditional working-class town, will continue to be overwhelmed with drugs, addicts who walk around like zombies, and heroin needles littering the parks, streets and sidewalks—until it is transformed into a Third World hell hole. Like all sanctuary cities, Salem is already beginning to resemble Mexico or Honduras. The streets increasingly belong to the gangs and the drug traffickers, not decent law-abiding citizens.


Nor is this Feeley’s only outrageous decision. He has a long, sordid history of favoring vile criminals over innocent victims. He recently released a man, John D. Williams, who was arrested on numerous serious gun charges. The result: a month later Williams allegedly murdered a Maine deputy, Cpl. Eugene Cole, stole his vehicle and then robbed a store. Had it not been for Feeley, Cole would be alive today.


In 2016, Feeley also released Daniel Beauvais, who one judge described as a “serial sexual abuser.” Beauvais’ alleged crime? He was charged with having repeatedly sexually abused and raped a 12-year-old girl. Feeley released him even though Beauvais had been accused of numerous sex crimes going all the way back to 2000.


I could go on, but why bother? The evidence is overwhelming: Feeley has no right to be sitting on a court bench. He is not just soft on crime. He poses a serious, mortal threat to the safety of every law-abiding citizen in Massachusetts. He is actively aiding and abetting the worst criminals in our society—drug traffickers, cop killers and child molesters. He needs to be held accountable and removed from office.


Appointed by former Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick, Feeley embodies Massachusetts’ corrupt liberal judiciary. Gov. Baker’s shameful silence speaks volumes. The only way to get rid of Feeley and his ilk is for the people to demand an end to judicial supremacy, rampant incompetence and callous arrogance. It’s time for peaceful mass protests and social outrage. How many more have to die?


Feeley must go. The sooner, the better.


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

19 Replies to “SALEM, MASS RALLY THURSDAY 4:15: Judge Timothy Feeley LETS ANOTHER CRIMINAL LOOSE. He must go! – Massachusetts judge is a menace to society

  1. He is very inmoral he has some sick agenda.He is politically minded and does not take backgrounds,past or family into consideration he can’t be partial.He has his mind decided before the facts.

  2. Just another marginal lawyer who made the right campaign contribution that bought him a robe and a title. Most states elect judges. Not perfect, but at least the citizens in other states have a say. Far better than some sleazy joker getting an important permanent position only because he or she made a campaign contribution. Massachusetts has the most scandal ridden state police. Some of the lowest rated road quality in the nation. Massachusetts Child Services ranks low. Our state court system is a cesspool of arrogance. Then some Bay Staters think that we are special.

  3. This scumbag judge has to be removed from the bench !
    The opioid epidemic is out of control in this country & MUST be stopped.

  4. Judge Feeley undocketed my motion for “Review For Criminal Charges” Because mob Lawyer Disbarred Bill Cintolo most likely knows him and they created this public safety issue by conspriacy: Ask Attorney John Lalikos not only was I to be granted 450,000.00 the case was supposed to be handled by Martha Coakley, Assistant Attorney General Charles Wyzanski, Valerie Carter Doyle, Kathy Atksinson. Barbara Yates & others, STOPPED Moataz Shaban from being indicted & Deported, created a public safety issue that is STILL causing harm since December 7th, 2007 when Kathy Atkinson, Bill Cintolo, Dr. Lazar, Kathy Atkinson knew on this day when I reported and told everyone Moataz Shaban was caught working without a dental license, I have been retaliated ever since, patients are still suffering the consequences of Judge Feeley, Bill Cintolo Deval Patrick Charlie Baker knows about this case everyone in Massachusetts knows about the case I filed at Salem Superior Court & Supreme Judicial Court Case 10831 they are both public information

  5. What Freely also indicated in his verdict is that if you are not an addict, it is O.K. to take care of your family by selling drugs. You do not have to go out and work a decent job like the rest of our citizens. If they had fancy cars and apartments, I hardly think that his family would have starved while he paid the price for his illegal activities. Maybe they could have gone on welfare or better yet got a job. Not the same values as the immigrants of the 1800s who labored for a better life and graced the City of Salem with their presence.

  6. What Freely also indicated in his verdict is that if you are not an addict, it is O.K. to take care of your family by selling drugs. You do not have to go out and work a decent job like the rest of our citizens. If they had fancy cars and apartments, I hardly think that his family would have starved while he paid the price for his illegal activities. Maybe they could have gone on welfare or better yet got a job. Not the same values as the immigrants of the 1800s who labored for a better life and graced the City of Salem with their presence.

  7. I placed a Complaint Against Judge Feeley in 2010 if Massachusetts Listened to me most of the harm would have been prevented: Judge Feeley obstructed Justice failed at his Duty To The Keep the Public Safe, Corrupt Judge. January 28th, 2010

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Commission On Judicial Conduct
    11 Beacon Street Suite 525
    Boston, Massachusetts 02108
    Phone: 617.725.8050
    Fax: 617.248.9938

    Natalie A. Servizio, Pro se
    5 Robb Road
    Beverly, Ma 01915


    Name of judge: Judge Timothy Feeley Salem Superior Court
    Docket number 2009-1511A, case name: amended Complaint granted by Justice Whitehead for reason of Justice: Natalie A. Servizio vs. Dr. Thomas, Joseph Saade, Barbara Yates, Attorney William J. Cintolo and Assistant Attorney General Charles Wyzanski.
    Attorneys involved: Attorney Valerie Carter, defendant Attorney William J. Cintolo, Assistant Attorney Charles M. Wyzanski and Attorney John-Paul.

    Date(s) of Misconduct 9/18/2009, 9/30/2009, 01/19/2010, 01/25/2010.
    Has an appeal been filed? Not yet, I want to avoid this.

    Summary of the general nature of you complaint:

    Second, Complaint against the same Judge, Judge Feeley, for the same case. As soon as Judge Whitehead stepped in the issues resolved. Judge Whitehead will be returning. The case is Complex Case and Jurisdiction issues need to be addressed Judge Feeley knows this.

    I have reason to believe Attorney William J. Cintolo (disbarred from 1990-1995) is
    directly influencing the case, as I have had this experience due to Attorney Cintolo with
    two other Judges.
    Judge Cornetta, Judge Wolfe and Judge Whitehead they uphold the integrity of the Judicial System.

    Judge, Timothy Feeley. Judges Fitness is in question due to poor Judgment. Judge Feeley
    he cannot read, states I did not use Rule 9A when I did, he states, “has no clue”, Blatant conflict of Interest. Attorney Valerie Carter (Attorney or the Defendant) U.S.A. v. Rigaud et. el. Attorney representing the U.S.A. Plaintiff is Timothy Q. Feeley. Judge Feeley
    stepped back into this case to continue his “bias role”. Judge Whitehead will be returning in April. Due to Judge Feeley, I will put in for a continuance. Judge Feeley re-entered and continues to be destructive, disturbing, harassing, defamation and embarrassing by his insulting comments directed to me, I am pro se, for 22 years I have been in the medical Profession, I do not have a lawyer due to crime in this case I need a Judge that will be
    “Alert” as Judge Cornetta would have caused, “indictments”. Judge Feeley is intentionally disregarding his duty and integrity, has exhibited bias, failed to be patient and courteous and
    fails for every person or litigant a full right to be heard in according to law. Judge Feeley has
    made every decision without a hearing, even after I requested one. Judge Feeley Fitness is in question, Mass. R. Prof. C. 8.3 (a) and Mass. R. Prof. C. 3.3(a)(2)

    On, 09/18/2009 Judge Feeley un-docketed a motion. 2. I place a motion to disqualify
    Judge Feeley, and Justice Whitehead stepped in. I have requested Justice Whitehead from
    the beginning of the complaint knowing in Essex County he is not influenced by Lawyers.
    Timothy Feeley “fitness” has stated 3 times, “does not have a clue”, lack of Jurisdiction,
    Justice Feeley admits he has no clue. Carlotta McCarthy Patten changing Court Dates purposely to disrupt this case. Both cannot read: on 01/19/2010 I addressed (Law Clerk) Ms. Brennan”
    Clerks notice 01/25/2010, Carlotta McCarthy Patten, Also, the 01/19/2010 motion was filed
    Under Rule 9A and 9A (c) 3. November 24th, 2009 and 12/22/2009 Justice Howard Whitehead
    Professional, alert and good judgment. I want Justice Feeley off this case. I will now wait
    Due to ongoing misconduct for Justice Whitehead to return in April 2010 or Judge Lowy
    Which ever is one is available first.


    1. I believe Judge Feeley has engaged with ex parte contacts, Attorney Cintolo.
    2. Judge Feeley has exhibited bias.
    3. Judge Feeley used the court system in disregard of his duty to uphold the
    Impartiality and integrity of the Judiciary
    4. Judge Feeley has made direct and indirect encourage misleading public comments
    on a pending matter.
    5. Fails to be patient, courteous and dignified to accord every person or litigant a
    6. Full right to be heard according to law
    7. Exhibited a pattern of abuse of his office bias and indiscretion.

    Mailed to: Commission on Judicial Conduct
    Executive Director
    11 Beacon Street Suite 525
    Boston, MA 02108

    Natalie A. Servizio

    1. Judge Feeley is a respected jurist who was a long-time prosecutor. He made a reasoned decision that you may decide you disagree with, but which was done openly and was fully within his discretion. He is not known to be friendly to the position of defendants in most cases. But what you all want, with your pitchfork rally and half-baked “thoughts”, is justice through the mob, and judges who only do what the DA tells them. As the comments above show, you are all just a bunch of clowns, so don’t forget your red noses and floppy shoes tomorrow. Let’s see how many of you actually leave your parents’ basements and fall out of the clown car.

  8. Feeley is a “respected” jurist say some. Respected by who? Sleazy politicians? Other second rate lawyers who hope to make the right campaign contribution and get a robe too? Felons looking to get out of trouble quick? Citizens have a right to question their judiciary. The Massachusetts way of appointing judges is like the wizard of oz. Behind the curtain of hype is nothing to look up to . As long as we continue this antiquated system of appointing judges, we will continue to get arrogant people like Feeley sitting on Bay State benches.

  9. Funny though a person who works 2 legitimate jobs& struggles with mental health due to a 6 month waiting list to see a Dr. because he makes too much $$ for mass health but his 2 jobs are both 30 hours/week doesn’t provide insurance goes to jail for a 1 day relapse/slip up that he admitted to!!i guess I’m born in wrong country(USA)& my attending 7AA meeting/week doesn’t compare with dealing drugs!i provide for my family&mother in law but got jail!!!

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