Cambridge’s Apartheid: City Discriminates Against U.S. Citizens

Cambridge’s Apartheid

City discriminates against U.S. citizens

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The Cambridge city council has voted unanimously to allow illegal aliens to drive without a license.

In Massachusetts (as in other states), it is against the law to drive a vehicle without a driver’s license. That is no longer the case in Cambridge—but only if you’re an illegal alien, sorry, “undocumented immigrant.” The city council ordinance specifically prevents Cambridge police officers from arresting someone or impounding their vehicle if they are an illegal and don’t have a license. Instead, they are issued a summons to appear in court. Yet, if someone is a U.S. citizen or legal resident they do not get the same exemption; rather, they are arrested and their car or truck is impounded.

In other words, Cambridge has codified state-sanctioned discrimination: one set of beneficiary laws for illegal aliens, another set of more severe laws for law-abiding residents. It is a two-tiered legal system—one that puts the rights of illegal criminal foreigners above those of Americans.

Moreover, Cambridge is a sanctuary city. This means that law enforcement are prohibited from asking anyone—including drivers—their immigration status. Hence, the possibility for massive fraud is immense. Under this insane law, a driver can be pulled over for, say, speeding or running a stop sign, claim to be an illegal alien and then deny having a driver’s license. There is no way the police can verify if the person is lying. The Cambridge officer cannot check the individual’s immigration status; and now must let the driver go, even though that person says they don’t have a license. Think about it: every resident of Cambridge has an incentive to tell the police he or she is an illegal and therefore, not be required to follow Massachusetts law about having a driver’s license (or vehicle registration). This is a recipe for mass anarchy and lawlessness.

The radical leftists on the Cambridge city council argue the new law is necessary to protect illegal aliens from President Trump’s alleged “racist, xenophobic policies,” especially if he is re-elected in November. Liberal councilors fear that, should illegals be arrested for driving without a license, they could be deported by ICE. Hence, the explicit purpose of the ordinance is to shield criminal illegals from federal immigration laws, preventing any “red flags” from appearing that could attract ICE officials.      

This is not only immoral, but illegal. The Cambridge ordinance violates and is in open defiance of state law. The constitution is clear: public transportation and driver’s licenses fall under the authority of the states—not localities. Yet, despite the city council’s rogue actions, the silence of Massachusetts authorities has been deafening. Where is Gov. Charlie Baker? State Attorney General Maura Healey? Their inaction—in fact, complete non-response—reveals the complicity of our corrupt political elites in aiding and abetting the invasion of illegal immigration.

The federal government needs to intervene. Allowing, even encouraging, illegal aliens to drive poses a serious threat to public safety. If they don’t have a license, this means they don’t know the rules of the road. And many of them can’t read English, thereby making it impossible to understand basic signs and instructions. No wonder so many motorists are injured or killed by illegal immigrant drivers. Just ask Maureen Maloney, whose son, Matthew Denice, was killed by a drunken illegal with a criminal history.

The Trump administration should withhold all federal funding to Cambridge. Moreover, its out-of-control Moonbat leaders need to be held accountable should any person be hurt or lose their life because of an illegal alien driver. These open-borders leftists should be sued for damages, as well as charged and thrown in prison for enabling criminal behavior. Sitting on a city council doesn’t give someone the authority to endanger people’s lives or flagrantly break the law.

Cambridge is engaging in government-sanctioned discrimination. It is allowing illegal aliens to violate laws that the rest of us must follow and obey. I don’t know about you, but I have a valid driver’s license and registration for my car. Why? Because it’s the law. Which begs the question: If I—a legal immigrant to this great country and now a naturalized U.S. citizen—have to abide by Massachusetts law, why shouldn’t illegals?

What this ordinance reveals is the growing apartheid being implemented by radical Democrats across America, except it is not race but immigration status that is being used to systematically discriminate against entire classes of people. Law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants are being treated as second-class citizens. Illegal aliens, however, are being given exemptions and preferential treatment—they are slowly becoming a privileged class. This strikes at the very heart of our constitutional republic, which is based on equality under the law. Call it the new Jim Crow.

The Cambridge city council acted stupidly.              

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6-10 am EST. He can be reached at: jeffreykuhner@iheartmedia.com

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