With 5 Americans Held Hostage by Hamas Terrorists for More than 230 Days – Rhode Island Coalition for Israel to Fly Sky Banner

Sky Banner Supporting Jewish Students and Israel will appear above Brown University Commencement Exercises on May 26 at 1pm

In response to months of disruptive, antisemitic and harassing behavior targeting Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus at Brown, a large group of Brown University students, parents and alumni, together with off-campus community support from Rhode Island Coalition for Israel, plan to gather in solidarity and show their support for Israel, America, and Jewish life on campus this Commencement Weekend. In contrast to the hateful and troubling scenes expressed by pro-Hamas groups, the pro-Israel community will proudly display Israeli and American flags, yellow ribbons and other signs of outward and positive support for Israel, America and the 132 hostages, including five Americans, who have been forcibly held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza for over 230 days.

On Sunday, May 26, at 1pm the pro-Israel group will organize in support of University-wide ceremonies outside the University Green fence on George Street.

Beginning at 1 pm on May 26, a 40-ft long sky banner supporting Israel and the US-Israel alliance will be towed above the Commencement activities on the University Green for 90 minutes.

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