Baby Nate Update: With the Goal of Reunification Attorney Philip Moran Takes the Case


Atty Philip Moran and client, Nathanael Triplett
Boston Broadside photo

By Joan Quinn Eastman

If the name Justina Pelletier sounds familiar, so should Philip Moran. He’s the esteemed attorney from Lynn who represented her parents in a landmark medical kidnapping case a decade ago.
Covered extensively by the Boston Broadside, and WRKO’s Jeffrey Kuhner, the story hinged on the Department of Children and Families taking state custody of Justina Pelletier while she was being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital. Learn how this case revealed the tip of the iceberg in this Boston Broadside Editor’s pick here

It took 27 months for Pelletier to be freed from the clutches of DCF. Moran is optimistic that this will not happen with Baby Nate Triplett, who was removed by DCF from the care of his mother and maternal grandmother. His father, Nathanael has been fighting to bring the 18-month-old home for a year, Two court-appointed public defenders and an appeal have all resulted in disappointment. When the Triplett story was brought to Moran’s attention by Michael King, of the Mass Family Institute, he stepped up to defend the rights of the 29-year-old father to protect and care for his son. Read the Triplett’s story here

Nathanael Triplett’s only child has been in foster care twice as long as he has been with his own family. His father is hopeful that with Atty Moran’s continued support, this will change sooner rather than later. A trial began on May 9th but upon evaluation of progress, it did not go forward, and was rescheduled for the fall as both sides continue to work toward reunification.

“On advice of Counsel , I can state that I was pleased with the outcome“ said Nathanael Triplett of North Andover. “I am extremely grateful that Attorney Moran has given me the benefit of his experience. I cannot wait to reunite with my Son.”

Please help bring Baby Nate home with family!
Attorney Philip Moran has been tirelessly working pro bono for several months, and there is much more to be done to reunite this family. Although Nathanael himself is not allowed by the court to pay for a private attorney, anyone else who would like to support family rights and the hard work Moran has personally invested into this case is invited to do so.

Every contribution will go directly to Philip Moran who has kindly offered his services to help yet another family in need.
Thank you very much for your support of Atty Moran’s hard work.
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For those who prefer to mail a contribution, please send to:
Atty Philip Moran
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