The Patriots Got This


by Adam Lange
Founder, United Cape Patriots

Patriots: Communication is key now more than ever to maintain the gains we have made as a grassroots conservative movement in a blue state. While the election facts are being gathered, the media is working overtime to convince you that they determine elections. A NY Times headline even claimed there was no fraud in the 2020 election. None. It’s maddening to listen to.

We all have friends and family that watch this propaganda and have worked themselves into a state of psychosis. Even when presented with facts, they are no longer able to apply critical thinking. They now are sheep. Many voted Biden and really can’t explain why, without pivoting to POTUS. They have hate in their heart. We have love for Donald J. Trump. We will prevail in this battle over good vs. evil.

My sense of confidence comes from our past generations and the challenges they overcame to produce us, along with the greatest nation on earth that we must maintain.

We all have our story that shaped us into who we are today. My family is not special. My family is typical.

My dad grew up poor in New York City. His father, an immigrant from Germany, fought in WWI for this nation and died early from the lingering effects of mustard gas poisoning.

My grandfather who served in the
U.S. Army Calvary during WWI.

My father also lost his mother at a young age and was raised by his aunt. My father then served in Korea, returned home and became an architect using the GI Bill. Decades later with his own architectural firm, he remained humble, having grown up in the depression like many of our parents.

He had a steady hand on the tiller, having faced his share of challenges. When I would call him in a panic with a particularly life altering challenge, he would patiently listen then typically reply, “Someday you will look back at this and laugh.” I thought he was nuts at the time, but as it turns out he was right. His last words to me in 2014 were, “Take care of your family.”

I realize our country’s situation seems dire today, but our roots are deep and our constitutional foundation solid. The patriots are committed.

Three generations later, my teenage son who earned the title of U.S. Marine in October, four months after graduating from Nauset Regional High School.

My grandfather served in the cavalry. Three generations later, my teenage son is a U.S. Marine. The liberals, they are involved at best as keyboard warriors who believe the environment they created on social media represents America.

 We got this.  ♦

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