Residents Propose Health Bills Aimed to End Coercion and Discrimination


by Beth Guidry Hoffman

Since Pfizer announced its plans to ask for emergency use authorization for the experimental COVID-19 vaccine in ages 2 – 11, this September there is growing concern the vaccine will soon be mandated for school children. (

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has issued instructions to foster parents that “all children in DCF custody ages 12 and up are now required to receive the [COVID] vaccine.”

Why are vaccine makers and public health officials pushing so hard to vaccinate young children? DCF is clearly overreaching by requiring this experimental vaccine be given to children who are not their own. Especially regarding the recent CDC admission that the “data available to date suggest likely association of myocarditis with mRNA vaccination in adolescents and young adults.” (

A committed group of Massachusetts residents got together to introduce health freedom bills that would end vaccine coercion and discrimination in the workplace, as well as at colleges and universities. They would also make vaccine passports unlawful. These bills would protect fundamental rights recognized in the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Massachusetts. Bill #S.1122 (An Act Relative to Bodily Autonomy and Family Integrity) now sits in the Judiciary Committee and will at some point get a public hearing in the current legislative session, so stay tuned!

This bill would affirm your rights to make choices about your healthcare. It would make it unlawful to terminate employment based on one’s medical decisions, as well as prevent discrimination against the medically vulnerable.


Go to to learn more and how you can take action steps to support this bill and others.

What to say to your legislators about S.1122? “Please protect my right to make my own decisions about my healthcare without coercion or discrimination,” said Julie Booras, health rights advocate. “It’s really that simple,” Booras added.

Find your legislators at:

It is pretty sad we live in a political climate where we have to introduce legislation to protect freedoms we already have. “When did we give up our right to choose not to take a product that is liability-free and has ‘possible death’ listed as a side effect? Why do we have to ask for an exemption for that?” asked Booras. “These are rights already written in the Constitution. We are not asking for anything that isn’t already our right.”

The Health Rights bills in Mass. are part of a bigger movement that is happening across the country. At, you’ll see 45 states have introduced state laws that would protect the rights of individuals to make their own health decisions, including banning vaccine passports and workplace coercion of COVID-19 vaccines. As of press time, 15 states have successfully passed at least one Right to Refuse bill.

“For years special interest groups have been passing laws under our noses to benefit their interests while we’ve been busy living our lives. S.1122 is a bill for the people by the people,” Booras said. These bills aim to protect our fundamental rights recognized in the Constitution to make choices about our individual healthcare without coercion or discrimination.    ♦



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