Boosters Do More Harm Than Good in Young Adults

FROM OUR PRINTED FEB 2, 2022 EDITION – The Boston Broadside

by Beth Guidry Hoffman
Boston Broadside
Contributing Writer

When a recent study says COVID-19 vaccine boosters for college-age students are causing more harm than good, it’s time to end the mandates.

Universities in Massachusetts, however, are largely staying silent when asked for comment, according to the digital magazine CommonWealth. None of the five Boston area schools contacted “said they were considering dropping their mandate.” (“New Report Questioning COVID Booster Mandates for Students Not Swaying Local Universities” 12/19/22).

Co-authored by nine researchers, including public health experts at Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Oxford, the study was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. It concluded, “based on available evidence from clinical trials and other data sources, requiring booster shots for young adults aged 18 to 29 was likely to be causing net harm because the risks from the vaccine outweigh any benefits at this stage of the pandemic.” Not only are young adults at low risk for complications, but many have had COVID-19 already, acquiring natural immunity.

Boston University was one of the only ones to comment on “the ever-changing state of knowledge on vaccines and COVID” when asked. “We are cautious about changing policy in reaction to a single study or essay, but are actively reviewing new information.”

“Northeastern University has consistently followed scientific data” [and was] “among the first universities in the country to require that everyone in our community be fully vaccinated, including a booster,” their spokesperson said. But “the school currently has no plans to require an additional booster shot.”

“The University of Massachusetts Amherst requires all students to receive a complete ‘initial vaccine series.’” It is only recommending, however, “not mandating, a booster dose.”

In light of the risk of myocarditis, how can any university stay silent or fail to act immediately to remove mandates, when their students, especially males, stand to be harmed? How can they even continue to “recommend”?

One case of dissent came from the former dean of Harvard Medical School, Jeffrey Flier, currently a professor of physiology and medicine at Harvard. “New paper makes strong case” [that] “booster mandates were wrong … and must be judged unethical,” he tweeted. “This should not have happened, and we should insist on accountability.” (

To shine light on these injustices, Health Rights MA is collecting stories of injury, loss, and coercion due to COVID-19 vaccines from Massachusetts residents to share with legislators. Many legislators do not know the significant and sometimes dangerous side effects associated with the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters. HRMA is working to pass legislation that will protect the rights of all people to make their own health decisions without coercion.

If you or a family member has experienced adverse events following the COVID-19 vaccine, please consider sharing your story. Use this link to fill out the form:

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