Tuesday Sept 14: Janet is out- released from hospital. Being cared for by her sister.


We’ve fielded a lot of calls and e-mails and such from folks asking about Janet.


The information provided below was posted and then updated multiple times and posted here (a tad late) describing Janet’s condition as related by family and friends.

AS OF 9/11, she’s still in the hospital, but hopes to transfer to other arrangements/facility. We’ll update when we know.

After about 6 days on her back, Janet was able to sit up on Thursday.

Here’s the video Janet posted live to FaceBook:


UPDATE:  Hospital has made her a “private patient” – denying she is there.


Deathly Ill Woman Denied Requested Treatment that Could Save Her Life

Despite Repeated Requests from Family/Healthcare Proxy Lahey Hospital Refuses

 FROM FRIENDS OF JANET – == BURLINGTON, MA –  For several days, Janet Aldrich says she feels as though she is “in a hostile environment, being held hostage and tortured” at Lahey Hospital where she is being refused the treatment she has requested for double pneumonia.

“This is discrimination against people who have made the informed consent choice not to receive the experimental shot that is being pushed so hard across mainstream media around the world,” said the 78-year-old Hamilton resident from her hospital bed. “I have thoroughly researched this subject and I am confident that this is the best course of action to save my life at this time. Why would they deny me? I did not want a COVID test and they forced me to have one. I told them that I did not want to be put on a ventilator, and it was put in my records that I was a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).  The doctor was just now in my room, yet again telling me I should be on a ventilator. It’s like they are out to kill me.”

Denying a patient their choice of treatment goes against the Lahey Hospital’s own Patient Bill of Rights, which is on their website. When asked about this, a Patient Safety Advocate who only gave the first name of Kathleen, said that “COVID protocols affect patients rights, and the patient may not be in a state to make the best decision.” When asked if that was deemed to be the case, would they then defer to her healthcare proxy, she said, “No. As long  as the patient is still conscious, they would not.”

Lahey’s actions defy the direction given by Aldrich’s son, Mark Aldrich, who has been appointed as his mother’s healthcare proxy. He has found the staff at Lahey to be condescending, as they dismiss alternative treatment as a “conspiracy theory.” Along with Janet’s sister, Patricia Lefebvre, the family members came to Massachusetts from the DC area to advocate for Janet’s health decisions. Armed with hard data about the effectiveness of the treatment protocol recommended by America’s Frontline Doctors, today they communicated to a medical team Janet’s wishes to have infusions immediately administered. Once again, the hospital refused the directive. The family is now seeking remedy and taking alternative actions. There will be a zoom hearing at Middlesex Superior Court, 10 am Friday, September 10th.

Lefebvre appealed to the audience of The Kuhner Report on WRKO radio this morning in an effort to save her sister’s life.
Protestors are gathering at the Lahey Hospital, which has been inundated with calls urging them to give the treatment to #SaveJanet. As a result, and once again violating the rights of their own patient, Lahey has now marked Aldrich as private, without the knowledge or consent of her or her family. Callers are now falsely being told she is not a patient at the Lahey Hospital.

23 Replies to “UPDATE: Janet Aldrich – COVID – TREAMENT – PROTEST THURS. 2-7

    1. Elle –
      It is easy to ready (misread?) cynicism in your post, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is a legitimate request for information.

      The issue as I understand it is the administration of Ivermectin. There are a number of peer-reviewed studies on the efficacy of Ivermectin that you can find online. Here is one on the NIH website:

      Here is a meta-analysis of 117 trials:

      One study that I read sponsored by the FDA showed that Ivermectin reduced hospitalized patient mortality by 33%.

      A world map showing which countries have approved Ivermectin for COVID-19 appears here: Some countries (such as the US) have not fully adopted it and allow it for isolated use only, such as clinical trials. Other countries have opened it up for everyone. Still other countries prohibit its use entirely.

      On the other hand, the WHO and CDC believe that there is insufficient data to make it an “approved” drug for COViD-19, and are recommending more clinical trials. In particular, there is a concern about its side effects.

      Everything above are the facts as I understand them. Now I’ll throw in a personal opinion. I have always felt that the CDC and FDA were too conservative in their behavior, and I believe this is a case in point.

      Hope this helps.

  1. A family member had a terrible scenario there as well. They need to be stopped. They remove your jewelry and steal it- they assume no responsibility (this has happened on four different occasions) . They didn’t encourage my loved one to eat and where ready to place tube feeding when all she needed was to place a spoon of food by her mouth. Palliative care wanted to ship my loved my home without a life saving procedure- it was a fight but she had it. Visitors were not allowed. There is a definite problem there that needs to be addressed – I called administration and Patient Relations which were useless.

  2. This lady is nuts! She wants an unproven treatment that will NOT improve her condition. The study she mentions clearly states that it is only an article and that people reading the report should follow the advice of clinical staff. Call the hospital is useless. All your doing is wasting the time of clinical staff who should be caring for people rather than answering these foolish people. You don’t care about Janet, all you want is your 5 minutes of fame. If you did care then you would let trained professional provide proper care. Doctors don’t always give patients what they want but they WILL provide care that is appropriate.

    1. Let’s not use invectives here, please. 🙂

      Your point about the treatment being unproven is obviously the subject of worldwide debate and not all physicians around the world would agree with you. There have been over 100 clinical trials to date on the efficacy of the treatment. The number of countries that have approved its use is small (around 20) but growing every week.

      It would be correct to say that its use has not received widespread adoption in Europe or North America yet, however. As far as I can tell, only Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have approved its use and concluded it is “proven” in Europe, and only Mexico has approved its use in North America as of this posting. I believe that it is likely that this list will grow as more studies complete their analyses.

    2. I never really comment on anything that I just can’t believe you. You are completely ridiculous and your comment is completely insane. The drug does work I know many many many many people who have used it all in my town where I live at we all used it and it works completely fine after testing positive for covid. So do your research before running your mouth and such a mean way thank you very much.

    3. I guess you’ve never heard of Justine Pelletier, a more extreme case of medical kidnapping in MA at Children’s hospital where a healthy and athletic girl with a treatable condition, mitochondrial disease, was sequestered by that institution for over a year and a half debilitating her for the rest of her life, almost killing her: denied successful treatment under another physician’s care, all on the egotistical theory of a Harvard Doctor (they’re so smart!), Alice Newton, that the condition was psychosomatic (is there a classical denial pattern in the treatment of women here or what!). So, no, doctors and hospitals are not always right, their medical motives not always pure, and your unwavering ignorant confidence in them is misplaced.

    1. Correct.
      However, there may be changes. Stay tuned.

      Janet is a very determined, unflappable, strong, strong-willed woman.
      She posted her own Facebook live video Thur. close to 5 p.m. on her facebook page. We’ve linked it to the boston broadside facebook page.

      The family has some options they are pursuing. Details will be shared shortly.

      It has been an emotional rollercoaster for the family.
      Janet describes, in her video, the treatment she calls torture.

      She is stable. Breathing. Has O2 level issues – pneumonia.

      We’ll hope to have a better update soon, but that’s what we knew as of about an hour ago at 10:30 p.m. Friday Sept. 10, 2021.

      1. Janet was at Lahey, as of 4:45 P.M. today, Sat., Sept. 11, 2021.
      2. Janet sent a text in reply to someone we know. Not much, just not safe yet (not out).
      3. Courts did nothing Friday.
      4. Friends of Janet and Janet’s son tried/are trying to get her out to a different care facility.
      5. Janet appeared on Thursday to have improved, able for first time in 6 days to sit up in bed. She’s a camera person with the Com Freelance Film she does, and posted a video livestream on Facebook. I’ll get it and post it here in a few minutes. In it, she said the food was ok, but she didn’t like the treatment from the place, at all, etc.
      6. Janet apparently – following-the-timeline – is now most likely post-Covid, and suffering more from fluid in both lungs, double-pneumonia, but we only have words on that, no direct medical documents. She apparently has had pneumonia in the past. She is on oxygen (under the nose) for this.

      We’ll relate more when we can.
      Janet is tough. Has refused the tube, and, again, was sitting up on Thursday.

  3. The medical staff at Lahey ARE THE FRONT LINE WORKERS AGAINST COVID19. They treated all COVID patients since the beginning of pandemic with little available protection. Sometimes using the same mask and gown for a week. They saved countless patients and communicated with their families when families were not allowed in premises. It is SAD to see someone accusing them of “torturing their patients” simply because they are applying the standards of care. SHAME ON YOU ALDRICH FAMILY

    1. Are you kidding???? Listen to the interview from Janet’s son He describes first hand how Janet is being treated. Do you think it is okay to deny a person their requested medical treatment? And, if the hospital will not budge, they should at least allow her to leave and go to another facility. Time is of the essence and the poor family shouldn’t have to go to court to have her released. Shame on you for saying what you did. You weren’t in the room and not witnessing her treatment first-hand. Not every nurse/doctor handles with care.

  4. Why can’t her son remove her AMA-against medical advice? I removed my S/O from Lahey/Winchester in March. They claimed he had Covid-pneumonia , was admitted and on IV for 1 day for dehydration. Day 2 , gave him Tylenol for headache. No visitors allowed. Talked to his nurse and told her to get him ready for discharge-I have Tylenol at home,;why leave him on Covid Unit surrounded by germs. I brought him home that afternoon. He is 85 and still going strong. I had Covid also. We used budesonide nasal spray.

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