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Summary of Two Vaccine Injuries

The 42-year-old wife of a Trooper received the Moderna shots in February and March.  Immediately after the shots, her heart rate increased.  In the days after the second shot, she lost weight, experienced “hot skin,” and felt sick. Her doctor instructed her to go to the hospital immediately.  At the hospital, her blood pressure was elevated and her heart rate was 120BPM resting.  The doctors told her she was experiencing a “thyroid storm.”  Two separate doctors diagnosed her as having suffered a vaccine-related injury.  Insurance did not cover 9 out of 11 tests required by the doctors.  They paid out of pocket.  She was diagnosed as having a life threatening auto-immune disease known as Graves Disease.  She is dependent on medications to temporarily control her life-threatening symptoms.  She may require surgery to remove her thyroid.  She continues to see multiple specialists and has difficulty swallowing food.  They have two children.

A 33-year-old trooper from who lives in the North Shore and is married got the first Moderna shot in March.  He got it for ease of travel.  That night his arm swelled, he got a high fever, and he threw up several times.  His wife had him call his doctor.  He met with his doctor who checked with the CDC and told him that he had a “non-severe” reaction to the vaccine.  The doctor advised him not to get the second Moderna vaccine; but to get the J&J injection instead.  He believes his doctor will not support him with a medical exemption out of fear.  He is very concerned about mixing “vaccines.”  He is not in a financial position to lose his job with MSP.  Despite pre-existing allergies, he is considering taking the second Moderna shot if his religious exemption is denied.  He contacted the MSP Covid response team for advice.  They told him that he should listen to his doctor and get the J&J shot.

Both of the above gave permission to share their story, but want to remain anonymous.



Trooper from B Troop

“In attempting to be in compliance with the vaccine mandate, I received my first Pfizer vaccination shot on September 21st with plenty of time to receive my second shot prior to the mandate deadline, even though  it was against my will and under extreme duress of losing my family’s primary source of income.

In less than 48 hours of receiving the first shot I came down with symptoms and tested positive for Covid shortly thereafter.

No one I had interacted with prior to my test had tested positive and my family ended up catching Covid from me. My family and I completed the 14 day quarantine process.  Due to medical concerns with having recently contracting Covid, I am ineligible to receive the second vaccination shot prior to the mandate date of October 17th, and have been told that I must submit a temporary medical exemption in order to not receive an unpaid suspension.

I was told IF the exemption is granted, then I may be able to use my accrued time off in order to receive a paycheck while I am forced to be out of work, or, that I will be forced to be placed on unpaid leave for the duration. I have also been coughing violently since receiving the shot. I am 39 years old with 2 children.”


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