The Gubernatorial candidate calls on the Baker-Polito Administration

to stop being dishonest about their stance

on vaccine mandates – or lift their own mandates now.


WHITMAN, MA – Gov. Charlie Baker tried to distance himself from Joe Biden’s recent vaccine mandate statements, immediately after mandating that 42,000 state employees get vaccinated or face consequences up to and including losing their jobs.

Baker issued an executive order last week that all state employees must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination on or by Oct. 17, with specific and dire consequences laid out, while leaving out any clear guidelines or instructions to apply for exemptions; or explaining in detail who would qualify for exemptions.

Despite his recent mandates, in a rampant display of dishonesty, Baker tried to distance himself from President Joe Biden’s new federal vaccine mandates.

According to the Boston Herald, a new set of federal vaccine ‘conditions’ will set mandates for as many as 100 million American workers to show proof of vaccination as a condition of employment, or acquiesce to weekly COVID tests to keep their jobs.

Biden also urged governors to place mandates on public school teachers, saying, “If these governors don’t help end the pandemic, I’ll get them out of the way.”

If only Joe Biden could be as tough on the Taliban as he is with public school teachers.

The Herald states that Gov. Charlie Baker’s office “defiantly signaled there would be no statewide COVID vaccine mandate for Massachusetts educators” – leading some people to wonder how long that will last, based on Baker’s recent record of being against mandates… and then issuing mandates.

“So what is it, Charlie? Do you support mandates or not?,” says Diehl. “And if you believe in medical autonomy, or local and institutional rule rather than state or federal government rule in such issues, than rescind your MA state employee mandate now. You can’t have it both ways just because your ties to Joe Biden make you look bad this week.”

As Republican Governors rally to fight against the Biden mandates, there is one name you won’t see on that list: Charlie Baker.

The Baker-Polito Administration continues to tread lightly when it comes to Democrat allies.

“Just stop being dishonest and playing both sides,” states Diehl. “It’s obvious that the Baker-Polito agenda is to consistently default to the far-left agenda, without ruffling too many feathers on the right. And the only way to do that is to be dishonest, as he has done in this case, in which he issued mandates and then claimed to be against them.”

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