GraniteGrok: Long Time Patriot John Irish has Passed – May He Rest in Peace

by Steve MacDonald
31 December 2021

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For weeks we’ve been reporting on the problems at a Massachusetts Hospital concerning our friend John Irish. He caught COVID and John ended up in Lowell General. We have just learned that he passed away this morning.


Back on December 16th,

We just got word that he is currently in Lowell (MA) General Hospital on a ventilator. And this is where the legal assistance could help – he asked for but Lowell General has refused to give him Ivermectin. To our knowledge, they have also refused him monoclonal antibodies. While a discussion can be had about the former, there is no question that the latter can be effective in this situation. There’s only been one shot of Remdesivir (50/50 it makes it better or worse) then straight onto a ventilator.  Nothing else;  no steroids to address the lung inflammation – nothing.

Here’s the deal – Mass General has agreed (my understanding) to treat John with more than a ventilator. The problem is getting him moved. The obvious “is he well enough to get to Boston” aside, it is sounding like LGH isn’t letting him go.

You can read more details in the updates that followed here:

One relevant pull quote from John’ girlfriend: “I spoke to multiple physician assistants over the next several days. On Friday, December 10th, nurse Anthony from ICU told me to “stop getting my information on the internet on the Ivermectin and to start looking at the real science/Remdesivir because that is what LGH does.”

And here.

John is so far into this it will be much harder for the Ivermectin to work but he still needs it along with vitamin D3, zinc, Quercetin, vitamin C. All those life-saving heavy hitters. That’s where the lawyer comes in. John cannot be moved while on the ventilator. That’s extremely dangerous.

John was never moved. He remained at Lowell General on a ventilator, deprived – to the best of my knowledge, of anything but the Public Health Oligarchy’s approved treatments. Remdesivir and a ventilator.

As reported again yesterday, those are not viable treatments, and we can see from this outcome that they are not.

John has died, and we will miss him.

Let us double our efforts in his name to try and end the pandemic of treatment failure that has taken so many lives from us.

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