Boston Councilor, First Responders, Demand Hearing on 2-Year Old Temporary Emergency Powers

Immediate Release

Boston First Responders United (BFRU) releases this immediate response to City Councilor Frank Baker and Councilor Erin Murphy’s call for a timely public hearing to address the Public Health Declaration/Emergency of 2020, in which all of Mayor Michelle Wu’s mandates are predicated upon:

BFRU wants to echo and amplify the justified concerns of Councilor’s Murphy and Baker in their recent press release calling for an open, in person, public hearing. BFRU would also like to thank these two Councilors for at least attempting to hear and give voice to their constituents.

We, too, believe Mayor Wu has overstepped her authority, usurped the powers of the City Council, ignored the mounting scientific data that the emergency is over and has yet to prove the necessity for the continued trampling of the rights of the workers, residents, students, business owners and those who visit Boston. It is time to hold a hearing and determine whether these mandates bear good fruit. If, as BFRU believes, these mandates do not bear good fruit, the people demand that the City Council intervenes and puts an end to Mayor Wu’s failed, inequitable mandates!

We expect and demand that the rest of the Boston City Council will support Councilors Murphy and Baker in their efforts to have representative, constitutional democracy restored here in Boston. Like BFRU as a collective body, Vice President Jose Diaz is often quoted as saying:

“Freedom was born in Boston; we’re not going to let it die here!


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  1. Murphy and Baker are like the last of the Mohicans on the Boston City Council. They are more moderate longtime residents. A decade ago, the Boston City Council was mostly comprised of longtime moderate Catholic ethnics. Today, with high rents, most longtime residents moved to suburbia.. The Mayor’s office and city council are dominated by carpetbaggers and leftists. Wu is on the news today boasting as to how she got the state to get the MBTA to give free bus rides in Roxbury. If you live in South Boston, West Roxbury, Revere, Quincy or Salem then you better pay your fare or risk arrest. After all no one in those areas has any economic troubles, right? Free stuff for some while others pay more. Do the 0ver 60% who usually don’t vote think that this is fair?

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