Get Ivermectin, Get Covid Treatment, STAY AWAY FROM HOSPITALS IF YOU CAN!

Very few places and doctors in Mass. that will treat Covid with anything other than a standard ‘protocol.’  Before you or a loved one become a prisoner with limited or no rights in a Massachusetts hospital (see articles on Janet Aldrich and John Irish), consider getting more information.

Several sites are available, including:

The James Clinic


American Frontline Doctors


Note: We are not doctors. We are a newspaper and an online education site. We urge everyone to check out these sites for information, as well as others. Typically, an online site such as the two listed above will do online consultation with you. It will cost you. Typically <$100 for an initial virtual exam – you get to talk with a medical professional who is there to provide you information.

MANY people have said how they responded well to Ivermectin, for example, but you cannot get that from most locations in Massachusetts and other states. You have to go online and either have it mailed express to you, or pick it up at very selected location.  The government has put all their money into testing and jabs, but not treatment, except one Fauci-prescribed protocol. Again, see articles on Janet Aldrich and John Irish.

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