Statement from MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons Regarding Democrats’ Mask Hypocrisy

WOBURN — Hours after holding a partisan vote to initiate a punishable vaccine and mask mandate related to accessing the Massachusetts State House, prominent Massachusetts Democrats gathered for a maskless party last week at a Saugus restaurant.

Images on social media show various Democrats, all without masks, posing for photos.

The images eventually caught the attention of the State House News Service, which reported that “some began to question the optics, if not the public health, of attending a mid-sized gathering indoors at a restaurant after going to the mat for a policy that would require proof of vaccination and universal masking just to enter the House side of the State House.”

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons issued the following statement Friday in response:

“The Democrats’ hypocrisy is off the charts, when they’re not shaming others for going maskless, they’re posting photos of themselves partying maskless on social media as if the public isn’t paying any attention at all,” Lyons said. “It’s all theatrics and virtue-signaling with them. They’re complete and total frauds, and continue to keep the public shut out of a public building in the name of ‘safety’ while they party maskless indoors together.

“This is absolutely shameful, and I hope Massachusetts voters are paying attention.”

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