No Tony, You Are Not Science

Advice from a Medical Scientist

Dr. Richard Kadin

In yet another example of unbridled narcissistic grandiosity, the leader of the Biden Corona Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, announced to the television public in an interview that, “I am science,” and that anyone who challenges my authority is an enemy of scientific progress. Well, Tony, this act is getting old. You have been up to it since you joined the NIH 50 years ago, but have managed to hang on despite a remarkable series of misadventures. This began with your stonewalling of life-saving drugs for AIDS back in the 1980s, so that you could instead focus on anti-HIV vaccines that have never materialized.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, virtually all of your advice has been incorrect and it has cost countless numbers of lives and chaos in America. You lied about masks and denied the possibility that the Trump administration could produce a vaccine in less than a year. You imposed lockdowns that did not work. You lied about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin against the virus, and exaggerated their toxicities. You pushed the FDA to approve remdesivir, a drug that you had a financial interest in and that does not work. You have corrupted the NIH through your financial relations with Big Pharma. Deaths in America have been greater than in virtually every other country, not to mention the deleterious effects that your advice has had on the overall health of Americans and on the economy. You have purposefully incited panic among an anxious public to advance your own political and financial gains by promoting the notion of universal vaccine mandate. You lied to Congress about not funding “gain of function research at the Wuhan facility. And now with the specter of a new omicron viral variant, you are poised to do it all over again. Enough is enough.

Unlike you, science is unbiased. Science is humble. It encourages criticism and modifies its positions when they are.proved to be incorrect. It is a democratic process not a totalitarian one. So, no Tony, you are not science; you are not even a scientist. Rather you are an aged, corrupt, and grandiose bureaucrat who needs to go ASAP. America and the world will never recover from this pandemic with you at its helm. Better to go now, like Francis Collins, your boss at the NIH, then to be dragged out kicking and screaming, which you will be eventually. And for all real scientists, that time can not come soon enough.

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