RALLY TODAY: OPPOSE WU/BAKER in BOSTON: Boston First Responders United

(Boston, MA) RALLY – 12pm Massachusetts State House
Boston First Responders United (BFRU) Stand for Workers and Civil Rights and Reject Mayor Wu’s & Governor Charlie Bakers Unlawful Forced Vaccine Ultimatums and Vaccine Passport System
In the wake of Governor Charlie Baker’s and Mayor Wu’s forced Covid-19 vaccination mandates, hundreds of Boston and Massachusetts local and state first responders (police, fire, EMT’s) have circumvented their mostly silent union leaders to organize BFRU resistance to vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.
Considering Mayor Wu’s new edict ordering experimental vaccine mandates & passports, we, the hundreds of BFRU members issue a call to action to our brothers and sisters in all public safety unions. We especially remind our fellow members of law enforcement that civil rights and worker’s rights cannot be suspended, abridged, or revoked in America. BFRU has the support and membership of regular civilian workers who stand against tyrannical mandates. Beyond that, we have the support of the community, at large. Our membership is diverse and broad, with the shared goal of ensuring liberty & medical freedom. This assault on the American worker MUST STOP! On January 15, 2022, just 10 short days from today- hundreds of Boston First Responders will be placed on involuntary “unpaid personal leave”. Hundreds of other City of Boston employees will suffer the same punishment for exercising their religious and medical freedom.
Issues and Concerns
• Law enforcement asking for vaccine passports is a violation of civil rights. Under Charlie Baker’s MA Police Reform Act of 2020 a law enforcement officer must intercede and report fellow officers who violate an individual’s civil rights. These policies will have the consequence of civil rights violations.
• Massachusetts law enforcement have no right to ask for identification without cause.
• We recognize that vaccine passports will disproportionately affect minority individuals and minority communities. We believe this disparate impact is in and of itself racist.
• We call upon organized labor across the Commonwealth to address these concerns. Our rights are secured under binding contracts, and most recently Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) with municipalities and state government in Boston- with the most recent MOA being signed by Mayor Wu on or about 12/10/21. The great Boston Police Strike is a seminal moment in US history, and labor history and has been traded for polite, legal contractual negotiations which DEMAND to be honored. New civil rights concerns, worker’s rights, and forced vaccinations have not been fully vetted through the forge of negotiations. For starters, we believe any ongoing contract negotiations should be suspended. These violations should raise alarms with ALL organized labor across the Commonwealth.
• Lastly, we are concerned that former Boston Mayor, US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh has abandoned worker’s health and legal concerns on forced vaccinations and vaccine passports. Walsh’s political ambitions, and allegiance to the Washington elite are hampering the Union movement. We contrast his silence and inaction on behalf of worker’s concerns to the Labor Movement’s (particularly the SEIU’s) forceful voice for the civil rights of worker’s individual health decisions for HIV positive and AIDS positive union members and other workers during the AIDS epidemic.
We agree with the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s wise adage that “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” Considering these mandates are not law- this responsibility is even greater.
For more information contact BFRU President, Sergeant Shana Cottone 631-338-3856 or You can also visit our website at

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