‘ABSOLUTE PROOF’ with MIKE LINDELL; Dominion and Smartmatic Threaten Lawsuit Against Fox Hosts – Network CANCELS Lou Dobbs

by Lonnie Brennan

Lou Dobbs, the straight-shooting, pro-Trump, anti-corruption long-serving Fox Business host has been abruptly sidelined, almost immediately after Fox received a threat of a $2.7 billion lawsuit naming Dobbs and two other hosts for defaming Dominion – the elections/voting machine provider. Lou Dobbs Tonight has been cancelled. Fox has scrubbed almost all mention of Dobbs from their website.

Dominion has been the focus of many on-air segments in which concerns about the machines, their software, their connection to the internet, and various irregularities have been noted by the network.

Meanwhile, Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow and ardent President Trump supporter is taking to ONE AMERICAN NEWS (OAN) with an exclusive nearly three-hour detailed discussion with various experts, witnesses, and others, (details to follow) discussing various concerns with the presidential election. Mr. Lindell delivers what he calls ABSOLUTE PROOF that the election was stolen, and putting the machines aside, even the first few minutes of his video is damning.

Video was nearly immediately banned by Youtube and others upon posting.

Lindell was recently CANCELLED from Newsmax which had him on the show as a guest, but when he mentioned why he was cancelled from Twitter (for claiming election fraud), his interviewer on Newmax shut him down and pulled out a memo and read it, disavowing any suggestions of voter fraud. Newsmax has apparently taken notice of the Dominion, a multi-national corporation, and their lawsuits and reported threats to take action against those they claim has defamed their company.

Dominion has filed billion-dollar plus lawsuits or threatened same against several individuals, including multiple lawyers who defended President Trump, for bringing out concerns about Dominion.

Fox has deleted the Lou Dobbs Tonight webpage effective immediately. Cancelled his show, abruptly.

2 Replies to “‘ABSOLUTE PROOF’ with MIKE LINDELL; Dominion and Smartmatic Threaten Lawsuit Against Fox Hosts – Network CANCELS Lou Dobbs

  1. Lou Dobbs should be able to express his opinion and his audience’s opinion. Don’t we have the freedom of speech? Why is our rights always being threatened, and taken away. It’s a disgrace, nothing was done to Shepard Smith of CNBC when he butted in President Trump taking of voter fraud and called him a liar. I stopped watching CNBC because of him. Now I can’t watch Lou Dobbs!!! To many Liberals, heaven help us!!!!!

    1. A lot of US medial is polarized either to the left or right, wish more media just report the facts and not take sides. Right now big tech wants to silence us and get people to believe the 2020 presidential election was honest.

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