FBI Raids Home of Colorado Election Official Whistleblower Against 2020 Election Fraud

At approximately 6 a.m. today, the FBI raided the home of Mesa County Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters.  Peters is the the one exposed that more than 20,000 election records were deleted illegally by Democratic operatives.

Peters appeared at multiple events with Mike Lindell (Mr. Pillow) whose company has sued Dominion Systems for $1.6 billion, after Dominion sued Lindell and sought to destroy his company.

Several others -friends and/or coworkers with Tina who exposed or knew of election records illegally deleted and/or spoke up in protest were subjected to hours of FBI search of their homes.  According to Peters, the FBI spent three hours in her home and took every electronic device (computers, cell phone, etc.).

“In my opinion, they’re trying to find something,” Peters said today. The affidavit against her is “sealed, and we’ve been unable to get it unsealed. We have no idea” what they could justify the raid with she told Brannon House on Lindell TV.

The story is unfolding. 

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