Massachusetts Election Lawsuit Showdown: THIS THURSDAY at 10 AM at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston

We are continuing to fight for every voter in Massachusetts with the election lawsuit I, along with Caroline Colarusso and other 2020 candidates, are battling out in the courts.  We have our next critical hearing with oral arguments THIS THURSDAY at 10 AM at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston where we will fight for Election Integrity –  and to END No-Excuse Mail-In voting and drop box voting. We have the only case moving in the courts that can save Massachusetts elections in 2022 into the future.


Please join us to sit in during the oral arguments (each side has exactly 15 minutes to defend their argument in front of the judge), and/or join us at 11:30 am outside for a brief rally in defense of Free and Fair Elections.  Remember we will have NO SAY if we don’t have fair elections!  See below:


Join the Fight for Free & Fair Elections

Join Us Thursday, March 3rd at 10 am in Support of the Election Lawsuit Hearing at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston, Rally at 11:30 am

We have been fighting in court against unconstitutional and illegal no-excuse mail-in voting, drop box voting and early voting. Our case is centered on upholding our state Constitution which was violated by our legislature.


Come to show your support for Free and Fair Elections by joining me, John Paul Moran, and our election lawsuit’s attorney, Greg Hession, for critical oral arguments at our appeals hearing, and a rally following, for our lawsuit in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Appeals Court:




Date: Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, Arrive by 10:00 AM

Location: John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 4, Third Floor, Pemberton Square, Boston, MA 02108


Bring signs in support of election integrity and free & fair elections. Short rally following outside of the John Adams Courthouse (no political campaign signs please).


This is very significant historically, as our state Constitution is being violated and is on the line – we are arguing our case at the John Adams Courthouse – John Adams drafted the 1780 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the world’s oldest functioning constitution. It served as the model for the US Constitution and others around the world.


Our lawsuit is the ONLY thing that stands between our corrupt establishment, who is intent on destroying election integrity in our state forever, and free and fair elections. We are getting no legal or financial support from the state party or the RNC, and we ask for your help, support in-person on Thursday and for your financial support.


Back in December 2020, as a then-candidate for Congress (MA CD-6) I spearheaded a lawsuit, joined by Caroline Colarusso for Congress (MA CD-5) and three state-level candidates, to tell the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that universal, no excuse mail-in voting was unconstitutional. The state legislature ignored this when they rammed through an illegal election law in July 2020 that they want to now make permanent, that will include same-day voter registration, no voter ID or signature matching, unsecured ballot drop boxes, and more.


The overhauling of our elections is short sighted and will increase the opportunity for fraud in future elections. We continue to fight for transparent, free and fair elections in the courts, and our next hearing will be in March.


Thank You!


John Paul Moran


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