Town of Littleton, N.H. is in PERIL

                        Town of Littleton is in PERIL

Dear Editor,

Littleton Voters…Vote NO to all WARRANT ARTICLES on March 8th ( Town Election )

The town of Littleton is in Peril, and the reasons are big spending resulting in higher taxes!

The taxpayers of Littleton espouse the saying ( living on a beer budget ) While the Selectmen promote ( Champagne Tastes). With the ongoing higher and higher gas prices, ( oil now hitting 112 dollars per barrel) tourist travel will decline leaving Littleton homeowners, taxpayers, and families, and the Greater Littleton Area shoppers to pay the exorbitant bill being promoted by the Select Board. Everyone knows by now that the 2022, Littleton tax is up to $3.53 cents per $ 1.000.00 of assessed valuation. What does that mean? Assuming your property is valued at $ $150,000 your tax bill will rise to $1,750. If your property is valued at $300,000, your tax bill will rise to $3,500.

These increased tax costs will eat away at every Littleton’s family’s daily budget for food, heat, gas, and medical costs. Those area shoppers will also feel the burn in their pocketbook with higher costs trickled down by business owners.

On behalf of all Littleton town residents and homeowners, I have consistently at ever Selectmen Meeting spoken out against these higher big spenders by the town. My requests have fallen on deaf ears! They are steadfast in passing these higher costs to all Littleton resident, homeowners, and taxpayers.

With inflation hitting 7.5% the highest it has been in 40 years, and the concurrent high cost of living being felt by Littleton citizens, my earnest recommendation to all Littleton voters is to:

Vote NO for all WARRANT ARTICLES or BOYCOTT the TOWN ELECTION on Tuesday March 8th.

I have been a consistent, staunch fighter for all citizens of Littleton to maintain low taxes and make Littleton a better place to raise families.

Sometime the words may not run smoothly (to the American ear) but the overrall message is quite clear, and will go on forever.

My Friends tax payers at this particular time of high inflation and cost of living, the $4,471,260 estimated amount of taxes to be RAISED should be ELIMINATED.

Thank You

Rudy Gelsi. Littleton, N.H.
A voice for the Taxpayers of Littleton

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