PART 1 RECAP – Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Message: Dominion/China Hacked the 2020 Election

 PART 1 of 6 : RECAP –
Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Message:
Dominion/China Hacked the 2020 Election

by Lonnie Brennan

The 2020 election was stolen, China hacked our election, and Dominion voting machines enabled the steal – that’s the message Mike Lindell and his teams of presenters and computer cyber experts delivered at a 3-Day Cyber Symposium held August 10-12. But instead of just saying it, they were intent on showing it, and for three days they did.

After what he explained had been more than five months of validating election data, Lindell – also known as “Mr. Pillow” – scheduled the symposium and offered a $5 million award to anyone who would attend the event and prove that the election data he presented was false.  He won’t have to shell out a dime.

“No one has tried to claim the $5 million dollar prize [offered] to anyone who could come and prove that this was not valid data from the 2020 election,” Lindell declared on his Lindell TV streaming platform. And his presenters explained in code, on computers, in graphs, in spreadsheets, and in other ways, repeatedly, that the data proved computer-based cheating.

The presenters live-streamed data and summaries they say proves that voting tabulations were altered, calculated, shifted, attacked with computer-generated patterns, irregularities, and software-algorithm-based alterations of vote tabulations;  in short, the election was hacked is how they termed it.

Example from Dr. Frank discussing machine voting patterns

Videos of long segments of many of the lengthy, days-long presentations are being posted to and In the presentations, Lindell and the participants of the symposium laid out everything in real-time.

Some of the presentation were detailed and lengthy. Some presentations were by experts, others by regular people, working in the field. Some presentations were detailed, some segments were choppy – handoffs from one presenter to the next, some were repetitive, but the bulk of the time was spent showing data, showing that machines were altered, and in real-time during the 2020 election.

We’ll be summarizing Captain Seth Keshel’s “Behind the Election Curtain” presentation in our next posting, in which he details 8 million nation-wide vote changes. We’ll also be summarizing Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s discussion of the steal in Massachusetts (where he won, paper ballots, where he lost, machines).

Voting Machines: Made in China – printed on shipping boxes, bills of laden, etc.

To be clear, this was not a slick, flashy presentation. Instead, it was raw, real discussions, by real people, going through real actions, and discussing data in real-time. And, they took their time to chat, and explain things in non-computer lingo, non-legal lingo. For example, during a particulary data-intense presentation, one presenter paused to offer another way to explain things: think for a moment, he said, that you came across a survey that showed that 10% of the people in your county had blonde hair. Then, imagine that you find out that that exact same percentage occurred in the next county, and the next. Then you find out that every county in your state had exactly 10% blondes. But, in the very adjacent state, the number is 13.4% blondes, in every county. Then you find in the another state, it’s 15.1% blondes, in every county. At some point, you’re looking at the map and saying, someone doesn’t look right here.

Dr. Frank pausing to show an analogy of how to view the data pattern irregularities.

He went on to show similar details of consistent vote shifting in each state, and explained how he could, once he analyzed the numeric data in one county, project the outcome of an entire state. And his mathematical spreadsheet projections each nearly-exactly tracked with reported data. This was just one of a series of data discussions. Others showed spikes for candidate Joe Biden occurring simultaneously, all in the middle of the night, in multiple states, all of relatable magnitudes, and all synced with what they stated were online data breaches, uploads/downloads transmission into the Domain computer voting systems.

Presenters focused on cyber attacks, but did touch upon various other forms of voting fraud, but the lion’s share was in the electronic hacking, Lindell and others explained.

Machines, Data, Financing behind the steal – videos and discussions by Phil Waldron

“Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide,” Lindell explained as he walked through the reported numbers for each state, and what he said were the real numbers for each state and what his cyber experts backed up.  Even in states where Trump won, such as Texas, the machines had altered the voting results to make the election appear closer than it actually was, Lindell explained with his experts.

“You can’t lie about mathematics,” Lindell explained, “the data 100% validates cyber-attacks.”

Kendra and Mike

Lindell also discussed how, for questioning the election data, Dominion has sued him for more than a billion dollars, as well as others who have spoken out.

On the first day of the symposium, Lindell shared the news that it had been announced online that Dominion had just sued One American News (OAN) and Newsmax for being present at the symposium to broadcast the event or portions of it. “

The end of free speech” Lindell said, as he shared news of the Dominion actions against OAN and Newsmax which he said is intended to silence any questioning of Dominion.  For their part in boycotting the event, Lindell called out FOX and FOX Business, saying “shame on them for not even reporting that this event is happening.” Fox, unlike other stations, refused to even run Lindell’s 60-second paid commercial advertising the event. Lindell cancelled all of his My Pillow ads from the network in response. He spent $50 million in ads on Fox in 2020, and had spent $19 million so far this year, as acknowledged by FOX.

Noted attorney Alan Dershowitz appeared twice during the event, including a long discussion via video about how during the symposium, a federal judge, after sitting on a lawsuit by Dominion against Lindell for a month, magically timed things to announce that the lawsuit could move forward. He and Lindell shared how Dominion is trying to shut down free speech and represent the greatest threat to the First Amendment, as the powerful mega-company can place untold financial and legal binds on anyone who speaks up against them.

In one jumble, several of Lindell’s guests were delayed in taking the stage as they had received news that their officers were being raided. “While I was only a plane to come see you kind folks,” Colorado’s Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters explained “they provided a search warrant and raided my office.”  Peters explained that the out-of-control Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold waited until the election clerk whistleblower left the state, then executed a fishing expedition, shocking Peter’s staff.

In a similar manner, Lindell explained how the next night, another unnamed individual who attended the symposium had his house raided at 10:30 pm, with four little kids present, and all the electronics in the house were taken in the raid.  He’s waiting to find out more about the fishing expedition.

During the symposium, Lindell also talked very briefly about how he was personally, physically attacked at the hotel during the symposium, and how he now must have security with him. He can’t just pose for pictures and walk around. He offered more information after the symposium, and is now broadcasting via livestream at 11 am and 6 pm Central Time, “The Lindell Report” to discuss many of the actions at the symposium, the actions of groups and individuals who infiltrated the symposium, and the lies they have been spreading.

Regarding Dominion, he said “if you have nothing to hide Dominion, why are you hiding?” and why are you not allowing investigations into your machines and your machines’ connectivity.

He explained at one point that if someone questioned the contents of his pillows, he would tear one open and say “here, this is what’s in it.” He said the same should be done with the elections: if there is nothing to hide, he asked why the Democrats continue to throw up roadblocks everywhere, and certain anti-Trump Republicans also, and refuse to allow real audits. “Why do you think they don’t want to allow access to machines in Arizona,” Lindell used an but one of many examples.

A video played at the event and re-run each evening also detailed the that despite being assured there were no modems to allow internet connectivity in the voting machines, there were indeed modems, and there were data streams and data logs which confirmed internet connections.  Lindell would like every machine to be forensically inspected, but Dominion, instead, he and others stated both before, during, and after the symposium, have been wiping discs clean of data and logs, and have been removing components from machines.

Lindell specifically called out certain elected officials, including Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp who Lindell has said has been “disgusting” and “has been blocking stuff for months. Why would you do this to our country?”

He also called out Fox “for not doing anything: Tucker, Bongino, Hannity, Imgrahm.” He went on to call out individual prime-time host, saying how shameful it was that they are not covering the 2020 election fraud.

As for the Dominion machines, “we’ll never be free,” Lindell declared, “until we melt down these machines and make prison bars out of them.”


NOTE:   The Broadside will be presenting fact sheets and summaries of most presentations over the coming weeks, and our team is working on posting mini-videos of the various presentations (so readers will not need to watch 72 hours of videos, but get, instead, essentially the equivalent of “Cliff Notes” summaries/samples of the presentations. We expect to begin releasing them over the next several days.

6 Replies to “  PART 1 RECAP – Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Message: Dominion/China Hacked the 2020 Election

  1. Mike Lindell’s election software handout a gift to hackers, experts say:

    “The door is now wide open”
    Thanks to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, all hackers need now is physical access to election machines

    According to a report from the Guardian, efforts by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Arizona Republicans seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election have had the adverse effect of making fraud easier in coming elections.

    With the report first noting, “Republican efforts to question Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020 have led to voting system breaches experts say pose a risk to future elections,” it goes on to state that — in the case of Lindell — his handouts at his cyber seminars are making the job easier for any hacker who wants to interfere in future elections.

    “Copies of Dominion Voting Systems softwares used for designing ballots, configuring voting machines and tallying results were distributed at an event this month in South Dakota organized by the MyPillow chief executive, Mike Lindell, a Trump ally who has made unsubstantiated claims about last year’s election,” the report states before adding, “The software copies came from voting equipment in Mesa county, Colorado, and Antrim county, Michigan, where Trump allies challenged results last fall. Dominion software is used in some 30 states, including California, Georgia and Michigan.”


    According to election security expert Harri Hursti, who attended Lindell’s South Dakota event, he claims he and others were handed “three separate copies of election management systems that run on the Dominion software” which can be used for practicing entering systems.

    Speaking with the Guardian, he explained, “The door is now wide open,” before adding that all hackers would need is “… physical access to the systems because they are not supposed to be connected to the internet.”

    Good job Mike

  2. “Thanks for proving Mike lindells point, jasper: the machines can be hacked”
    – if the hacker can get into the physical machine in person.

    Mike Lindell claims that China hacked the machines remotely – not in person.

    “On Jan. 9th, I received evidence of a cyberattack orchestrated by China on the 2020 election,” Lindell claimed. “I took that one piece of evidence and I just went all in. This was something different, nobody had seen. This was something that came through the machines—the Dominion machines, the Smartmatic machines. This was a cyberattack.”

    —— ——
    sorry – Mike Lindell has nothing.

  3. I think it’s reasonable to recommend that you ignore all election claims made by Mike Lindell –
    he may know how to sell pillows
    but he knows next to nothing about computer technology.

    Plus he’s being manipulated by evil people:

    Roger Stone claims Mike Lindell is being backstabbed by Steve Bannon — and his own advisers
    Stone and Bannon have both shilled for Lindell’s pillows —
    but now they’re backing away from his fraud claims–and-his-own-advisers/
    Mike Lindell, still in Trump’s good graces, has new prediction: reinstatement by New Year’s
    Lindell earned a glowing endorsement from the former president at a packed rally in Alabama Saturday night.
    okee dokee

    1. okee dokee Jasper.
      I mean, after all, I’m sure just ignoring evidence, yeah, that’s what to do.
      Let’s not let any thoughts go through to you that you don’t agree with.
      And after all, you’re going to claim the $5 million bounty Mr. Lindell offered to anyone who would prove that his data was wrong.
      Hmm, you’re not going to collect it?
      And no one else is going to collect it?
      Oh, well, okee dokee. Jeepers just believe okee Jasper.

      Written with all the sarcasm I can muster.
      I think now, I turn the channel away from your notes. Haven’t seen anything bright here.

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