Machine Issues and Poll Watchers’ Biggest Complaints: Rudeness and Obstruction!


by Kathleen Lynch
Massachusetts Republican
State Committewoman
First Middlesex District


The Massachusetts Republican Party (MassGOP) Elections Review Committee and the Geoff Diehl for Governor campaign teamed up to send poll watchers across the state this recent November 8th election. This was an effort intended to help all Republican candidates from the top to the bottom of the ballot.

The team fielded hundreds of calls and Election Anomaly Reports. Thank you to all patriots who reported their observations. Your time and attention to elections are very much appreciated.

Fortunately, we were able to help resolve many immediate issues and save other issues for later scrutiny.

This effort was the first of its kind in Massachusetts since a binding 36-year consent decree was lifted. The 1982 consent decree kept Republicans away from election integrity endeavors.

Now, with the passage of the VOTES Act, our Massachusetts Legislature has voted into law an electoral system that helps keep incumbents in power while opening up opportunities for dishonest persons to commit voter fraud.

This electoral system includes: automatic Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) voter registrations, expanded early voting, voting by mail where signatures may not be verified, unsupervised drop boxes, no voter identification, and opening and depositing ballots into tabulators before Election Day.

The worst part about this entire electoral system is the inability to verify votes. The machines are a mystery with “proprietary” coding and no way for the public to compare the machine vote with a paper vote. The state conducts random audits, but only for presidential elections and in just 3% of all Massachusetts precincts. The people have no say as to where an audit should be conducted. By law, the ability to do a recount is limited to very close races within a small (0.5%) margin of difference.

The amount of resistance to public scrutiny by biased election officials (e.g., clerks, wardens, checkers) was evident in many reports to include uncalled-for rudeness, intimidation, and most-concerning, obstruction by these officials.

In addition to unwillingness to cooperate with efforts for electoral transparency, it was clear that not all election officials were familiar with election laws and advisories, especially those pertaining to poll observation.

Not only did poll watchers find it hard to hear at polling locations, they also observed machine malfunctions and inconsistent handling of ballots. These issues make for distrust in our electoral system, a burden on our election officials, and frustration among voters.

Many Republicans believe that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, and that Republicans should have fared better in this recent election. Distrust in our elections is not only coming from Republicans, though. Watch a whole trail of Democrats, including Clinton, Pelosi, and Bernie, claiming unfair elections.

Isn’t it time to fix our electoral system so there is no doubt who won – fair and square?

Of course it is. We need checks and balances, transparency, equal party representation working at the polls, and verification of all votes. Without those measures and the evident hostility when we demand such, it begs the question: What are these people trying to hide?!

The Massachusetts Republican Party is not giving up the fight for election integrity. That includes putting in the time and effort to review all anomalies reported to us and working on ways to ensure that the citizens of Massachusetts have participated in an honest election.

You may reach Kathy Lynch at: votekathy



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