Run it Again: Judge Says Framingham, Mass. Special Election Needed after Ballot Dispute


He’s calling for a do-over. A Superior Court judge ruled that a special election should be run to resolve a razor-thin race for a seat on the Framingham City Council after determining that issues around two disputed ballots are enough to warrant a runoff. Zana Razzaq of the MetroWest Daily News has t

Issues with votes

In one case, a voter returned an absentee ballot without signing the envelope. It should have been rejected, but instead it was put into the machines and counted, said Newman.

The second issue is in regards to a provisional ballot. A woman came in to vote but her name was already checked off on the list. She was told she could not vote, but was allowed to fill out a provisional ballot and signed an affidavit saying she did not vote.he details.”

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