Moran Leads A-Team: Don’t Wipe the Machines! Massachusetts Republican Candidates Seek Court Action on Elections, Seek Manual Paper Recount and Examination of up to 2 Million Illegal Ballots

BOSTON – Citing extensive actions taken by the Mass. legislature in concert
with Mass. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker that are not in compliant with the Massachusetts Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution, as well as voter irregularities, a group of Republican candidates are seeking immediate relief from the courts.

Congressional candidates John Paul Moran, Helen Brady and Caroline Colarusso were joined by state legislative candidates Craig Valdez and Ingrid Centurion in filing a request for immediate injunction to decertify the recent Nov. 3rd election.

In addition to immediate decertification of the election results, the group seeks a full audit and manual recounting of all ballots.

The group, lead by Moran gave an oral presentation to the court on Monday, where they were initially rebuffed for waiting so long to file the action.  Explaining her position Mass. Judge Judge Allison D. Burroughs cautioned  Moran, and included that she is very reluctant in this matter, but that Moran and the group are entitled to a hearing by law, so she scheduled one.

“What you don’t get to do is look at an entire arrangement for voting that allows (inaudible) and everything else, and not say a word until you lose the election and then complain about the process” Burroughs told Moran.

In reply Moran explained that until the election took place and post-election actions took place, none of the candidates had “standing” in the court, and could not have requested relief, until after all actions had occurred. (Similarly, a bank cannot seek relief for a bank robbery that has not yet occurred!) In the extensive filing, he suggested multiple alternatives for handling bad ballots, and to protect future elections. He defended that he is not an attorney, none of the five work in government, none are attorneys, but they did their best to research the matter and are attempting to seek redress.

Options suggested included removal of illegal votes, or re-run the election, or, find an alternative method.

Burroughs scheduled the hearing to be heard via phone/zoom on December 17th, three days after Mass. electoral college representatives are expected to cast their presidential votes. She also reminded Moran that the burden of proof is on him to prove his case.

In their filing, Moran and the team note that the number of ballots submitted in violation of Massachusetts or US election laws are expected to exceed 2 million.

Writing in part, the group notes: “Plaintiffs seek an emergency order by the Court to maintain the status quo of all voting machines in the Commonwealth, bar the wiping, resetting or removal of data of any such voting machines, and order the impounding of all voting machines and software in Massachusetts for expert inspection…”

Ingrid Centurion, Caroline Colarusso, John Paul Moran, Helen Brady, and Craig Valdez

THE GROUP posed for a photo. Please note, ANY candidate that wishes to join in on the court action are urged to contact John Paul Moran at

In a recent press release, Moran wrote:

In the interest of protecting the integrity of the election system and the will of the people of the Commonwealth, yesterday me and four other Republican candidates filed suit in Federal District Court alleging that
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts failed to comply with the  Massachusetts and US Constitution, and federal and state law. The Commonwealth, Governor Baker and Secretary of Commonwealth Galvin were named as defendants. I represented the team as the lead Plaintiff.

Congressional candidates Helen Brady and Caroline Colarusso
joined me along with state legislative candidates Craig Valdez and Ingrid
Centurion in the federal court filing requesting an emergency injunction. The complaint was presented December 8th and we are very pleased that Federal Judge Allison D. Burroughs has agreed to hear our case at a public hearing by phone/zoom on December 17th at 11am.

This lawsuit is not about winners or losers, and I want to make that abundantly clear. It is about the rule of law. It is about engaged
and committed citizens willing to stick their necks out and ask the hard
questions, and about regaining trust the electoral process. It is about regular working-class people taking on activists turned politicians who have turned our elections upside down.

The people who have “lost” here are the people of the Commonwealth whose rights have been trampled upon by their elected officials.
This was a giant step towards exposing the illegality and unconstitutionality
of their actions and bringing integrity back to our elections in Massachusetts.
We are all looking forward to presenting our case on December 17th.

If you can help support this important legal challenge,
please donate here.

In July 2020, a law was passed through unconventional channels and signed by Governor Baker that allowed no excuse mail-in voting in
Massachusetts in violation of an explicit state constitutional provision that
strictly limits the conditions where a voter can vote by mail, and the times
when voting may take place in the Commonwealth other than at the polls on Election Day. The suit asserts that the Massachusetts Legislature and Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin used the COVID-19 health crisis to change State voting laws in direct violation of the Massachusetts and US Constitutions.

The little-known fact is that previous to the reckless new
vote-by-mail law, the state had already properly addressed the pandemic by
allowing any person taking precautions relating to COVID-19 to vote by absentee ballot by reason of physical disability – a condition covered by existing  law.  And, instead of allowing for weeks of early voting, which is also clearly unconstitutional, Secretary Galvin and the legislature could have provided for public health and safety just as well by expanding the number of polling locations on Election Day to allow for safe
social distancing in light of the pandemic. So there was no justification for
this illegal bill at all.

In addition to the unconstitutional violations, the plaintiffs’ action shines a spotlight on the integrity of the system, its security failures with respect to universal mail-in voting in the Commonwealth, and the retention of voting records as required by law, among other things.   We claim that elected officials illegally used the pandemic as an excuse to overstep their authority by expanding absentee voting to anyone for any reason, allowing for the mailing of millions of ballot applications to an outdated list of voters, including many voters who were either not properly registered, have since moved out of state, or have passed away – opening the door for fraud and destroying the integrity of the process.

“Our rights are being eroded and diminished,” says Caroline Colarusso. “It’s an enormous overreach in the birthplace of freedom, home to the oldest surviving Constitution in the United States.  We must compel our elected officials to honor their oath of office to support, defend and uphold our Constitution. If we allow the Constitutional process to become a mere suggestion, it will become nonexistent, impacting our rights and
our very freedom.”

All of the candidates in the suit believe that elections in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and throughout the United States must be held with the highest level of integrity and transparency.

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution” -Abraham Lincoln

9 Replies to “Moran Leads A-Team: Don’t Wipe the Machines! Massachusetts Republican Candidates Seek Court Action on Elections, Seek Manual Paper Recount and Examination of up to 2 Million Illegal Ballots

    1. The Dims are directly responsible. THEY bought the cheating machines with the people’s money. They knowingly chose that avenue. Many arrests must be made or we will never have our Republic back.

  1. Thank you to the five of you for being true patriots and going forward with this on behalf of the citizens of Massachusetts that actually still care about the Constitution.

  2. If Massachusetts used dominion multiplication ballot machines there is a high level of doubt.
    How high of a level of fraud or cheating has to be done before judges consider it to be illegal? Normally if I run 1 red light or 1 stop sign i should get pulled ovet… .. currently it seem you have to hit a specific number or threshold before action is taken……. why is that comrad????

  3. If they do another vote, they MUST abandon the rife-with-fraud machines and go back to paper. Also, if the dims are allowed to run things as they always do, they will still cheat. Our elections were always supposed to be totally open, transparent and overseen by a great many people at all times. Until these things are done, we will never have fair elections and we will be held in the grip of these corrupt marxists who’ve destroyed everything. There must be absolute identification of Massachusetts citizens who complete ballots and every chain of custody MUST be held as sacred.

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