Beaty Sends a HEADS UP! 11 % Spending Increase Being Proposed for the FY’23 Barnstable County Annual Budget

The Boston Broadside received the following note from former Barnstable County Commissioner Ron Beaty. Ron has been a stalwart watchdog on the unbridled far-left actions of the current Democrat-dominated board and its spending practices.


” …please be advised that at the Barnstable County Commissioners’ meeting today (9:00 AM, Wednesday, January 26, 2022) it was publicly stated by the the three current (Democrat)  County Commissioners that they are proposing an “11% spending increase in the upcoming Proposed FY ‘23 Barnstable County Annual Budget.”

Thank you.

Best regards,

Ron Beaty

The Broadside extends a big thank you to former commissioner Beaty who has been outspoken on many topics, including exposing rampant waste and spending proposals by the Democrat-dominated commission.

Beaty has stated that he will run again this year to attempt to restore some balance/sanity to the board which has gone far-left, and is infamous for their anti-Trump stances, and pro-spending and tax increase actions.

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