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by Lonnie Brennan
If winning a debate means you exposed your opponent for being a smug, obnoxious, nasty, mudslinging elitist and ultra-extremist, then Donald Trump won, hands down. Not by anything he did, but rather by how his opponent Hillary Clinton conducted herself in their first encounter.
It was a tag-team attack match at the first presidential debate as Hillary Clinton threw punch after punch at opponent Trump, and was aided at every turn by a blatantly complicit, liberal-biased Clinton supporter who served as moderator of the political mugging.
The scenario was repeated over and over: Clinton hits Trump with some smear or dig, Trump begins to respond, pointing out how Clinton is wrong, has mischaracterized a situation, or skewed or slanted or otherwise painted things not how they are, and just as it appears he’s going to pin Clinton to the mat, the Clinton-supporting Lester Holt would jump in and interrupt Trump.
How many times? More than 27 Clinton bailouts were noted; more than 40 total interruptions of Trump.
In contrast, in addition to asking Clinton only leading softball questions, the moderator only issued a few redirects to Clinton, never once asked her a tough question, and never once asked her about the Clinton Foundation, the 33,000 deleted e-mails, the leaking and exposure of confidential information to other countries. Nor did he ask any follow-up questions to her.
If you were playing a drinking game and had to take a sip for every time the moderator came to Clinton’s defense, or lashed out at Trump in a tag-team move to try to constantly unsettle him, you would be passed out after the first 45 minutes.
If by some miracle you regained consciousness and continued for the full 90 minutes, you would need hospitalization. But, it didn’t matter.
Sure, Trump wasn’t great if you came for red meat. He clearly wasn’t there to slam, slam, slam, but rather apparently with the intent to discuss our nation, our world, jobs, the economy, open borders, and the repeated terrorist attacks here and elsewhere.
Instead, Clinton smiled, addressed him as “Donald” in her sweetest of voices and with a seemingly frozen-on smile, then began to accuse him of never paying taxes (Trump retorted that he would release his tax returns when she released her 33,000 deleted e-mails sought by the FBI). Clinton accused Donald of treating women with disdain, not knowing anything about seemingly anything, and she continued to smile and accuse him of racism, and any other “ism” seemingly imaginable.
But, it didn’t matter.
Hillary Clinton came off as the champion of the status-quo: a big and growing government, advancing gun control and control over the American people, support for Obamacare, etc., Donald Trump came across as the agent of change, the champion for America.
The Clinton Foundation (and how more than 90% of all funds raised by the Clintons get spent on overhead and other expenses, and only 5.7% goes to charity) – not discussed.
The 2012 deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods, and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith – when Muslim terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate compound in Benghazi under Hillary Clinton’s watch, after documents revealed the consulate repeatedly begged Secretary of State Clinton for security support – not discussed.
Hillary Clinton’s attempt to create “universal single-payer health care,” which would make all health care providers government employees – not discussed.
But Donald Trump’s 40-year old lawsuit settlement regarding some housing complex that was settled with no harm/no foul: That was slammed into Trump in an attempt to say he is unfair and racist. (Despite Trump subsequently creating and providing jobs for tens of thousands of minorities and women.)
And a 20-year old incident regarding Trump’s criticism of a Miss Universe candidate, Alicia Machado – whom he had said was very difficult to work with (he owned the beauty pageant at the time) and whom he said had rapidly gained more than 50 pounds and whom he pushed to improve herself – was thrown at Trump. Hillary Clinton said he called the woman “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.”
Subsequent to the debate, on live TV the former Miss Universe said Trump was very hard on her but couldn’t point to any time or to any witnesses that he ever called her those names. But, she said she’s a 100% Clinton supporter and stated that Trump’s hardness on her forever damaged her.
Machado won the Miss Universe contest at 118 to 120 pounds, but then put on considerable weight and claims that Donald Trump pushed her to lose the extra poundage, which she did.
Several days after the debate, a video emerged showing the beauty queen with a professional weight-loss trainer hired by Trump and apparently happy as she flirted with the beauty contest’s owner. Other, more unseemly facts about her life are now being reported by the press. The British paper, The Sun, and now the Associated Press, are reporting that she was allegedly involved in a shooting back in Venezuela when her then boyfriend shot his brother-in-law. Some witnesses said she was driving the getaway car. She is also said to have threatened the judge in the case, but in the end was not indicted on any of the charges.
Hillary Clinton has called Trump supporters either “deplorables,” sexists, racists, fascists, misogynists, or other such names.
She attacked Trump almost immediately and repeatedly. Blow after blow. Punch after punch. Smear after smear. Distortion after distortion.
But it didn’t matter. While Hillary Clinton has more than 26 years of experience at debates and debate tactics, and could repeatedly slam, smack, or otherwise attempt to destroy her opponent, it didn’t matter. She might have won a technical win on points (threw more mud), but Mr. Trump wasn’t destroyed, wasn’t injured, wasn’t even damaged.
Instead, in poll after poll, post-debate, it continues to become clearer and clearer that Clinton was unsuccessful in trying to elevate herself by tearing down someone who stands for American jobs, American sovereignty, the rights of individual Americans.
And while the major news stations and radio commentators, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and a preponderance of liberal newspapers continue their post-debate push of “Hillary won,” it doesn’t matter.
The debate antics don’t matter. Why? Because there remain five major kinds of voters:
Democrats who are Hillary supporters to the core
Republicans who are against Trump
Voters who don’t like Hillary, don’t like Trump, and are committed to not voting, or voting for any other candidate (ADULT ALERT: only one person will WIN this election: Trump or Clinton. No others, and any votes not cast for them might make you feel good, but it won’t help the nation.)
Democrats who realize Hillary and her kind have hijacked their once-proud party, and they seek a John F. Kennedy, a Ronald Regan – someone who they can believe in will fight for America and stand strong
Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who are committed to Trump.
Of the five groups, more voters are putting aside political parties, the sex of the candidates, and other silly barriers, and making their choices. So, the debate which failed to have either contender knock out the other was fine, because the contrast between the two presidential contenders is too large for mere mud throwing to obscure.
Perhaps in the second debate, less attention will be spent on mudslinging and distortion, and more time will be spent talking to the American people and discussions which matter: the Supreme Court, the 2nd Amendment, religious freedom, jobs, the economy, national security, our place in the world, our military, our technological advances, medical care, home ownership, affordable taxes, reductions not increases of federal government regulations, spending, and restrictions upon individuals. One can hope.
Trump is for the 2nd Amendment, Clinton is for extreme gun control.
Trump is against the current North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which delivered a devastating blow to mid-America, shuttering more than 60,000 businesses and factories in the mid-to-late 90s. Clinton was and is a big proponent of so-called free-trade, and for months called the pending Trans Pacific Partnership trade proposal (which Trump said will continue the process that NAFTA began) the “Gold Standard” of trade agreements, praising it in more than 40 speeches according to the New York Times before coming out against it, AFTER Trump’s exposure of some of the TPP details.
Fun video note: the split-screen video of the debate played an interesting trick: Trump appeared shorter than Clinton, despite towering over her in reality. Indeed, in addition to appearing shorter, her eyes were placed higher on the screen than his and the microphone locations and screen cropping made it appear that he was farther away and smaller, while she was more commanding. A great subliminal video trick. And it still didn’t matter.  ♦

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