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When You Fund the MassGOP, You Are Really Giving to the Democrat Party



Originally published in the January 1, 2018 printed edition of The Boston Broadside.

by Mary Lou Daxland

When a New Year starts, we all have hopes that it will be better than the last. We still remember what did not happen or did not go our way in the previous year. We go into the New Year with high hopes that things will be different.

But reality sinks in when we start to think about a Massachusetts Republican Party that will never be a force against the Democrats in 2018. We will see the same inept leadership continue to destroy what is left of the Party. Leadership that will put all its money and time to re-elect a governor who has been for the past four years more of a talking head for the Democrat Party than for the Republican Party.

The MassGOP will have to first take out anyone who gets in the way of the Baker machine. There will be a Republican Convention on April 28th which will be controlled by these goons who have put into place “voting by computer.” A computer vote without a paper trail. How convenient. The State Committee “Baker Bots” will be off the hook for changing votes on a tally sheet, which went on in 2014.

Voting on computer without a paper trail is so easy to corrupt – just ask Sharron Angle who lost her election for U. S. Senate in Nevada in 2010.

So, it comes down to business as usual. The MassGOP leaders will not fund or help any person that will run for state treasurer, state auditor, secretary of state, or attorney general. They will take out anyone who will try to primary one of their sacrificial lambs. After all, Charlie Baker is the only one they care about.  And Charlie does not want anyone on his ticket that is a Trump supporter.

There will be no help for anyone who is running for state representative or state senator. The same state House and state Senate seats that have been owned by the Democrats for years will never have any Republicans to challenge them. Seats that could be won by a Republican – the corrupt MassGOP will put no money or effort into winning those seats.  All the money and effort will be put into Charlie’s Campaign. And the MassGOP has no interest in helping anyone who is running for town selectman or school committee. Very sad.

As we start the New Year, there will be nothing changed and nothing new with the operation of the MassGOP. Its leaders will continue to act like Democrats (because they are) and put forth a platform and a ticket of candidates that are not Republican. Charlie Baker will continue to destroy what is left of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. Putting It in Perspective, don’t give a dime to the MassGOP when it comes calling with mailers and phone solicitations. Because when you fund the MassGOP, you are really giving to the Democrat Party.   

Mary Lou Daxland is the president of the MA Republican Assembly.
For more info, visit www.massra.com.

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