The printed edition began showing up in more than 800 stores last week an will see even more in the coming days, along with thousands of copies sent out via UPS and the United States Postal Service to subscribers and “bulk” distribution accounts.  If you want to sell the paper in your store, let us know, or if you want to give copies away to your meeting attendees, business employees, gun club, etc., we ship 25 copies for $25, Priority Mail.

This month’s edition is 32 printed pages, which includes The Star and The Cross.

A few pages are shown below.

We have more than 30 local and national writers in this edition, including:
Jonathan S. Tobin
Ted Tripp
Michelle Malkin
Rabbi Yosef Y. Polter
Patrick J. Buchanan
Attorney Robert Snider
Dennis Galvin
Catherine White
Star Parker
Blossom Stiefel
Pierre Kory, MD
Warren P. Russo
Ariel Ben Solomon
Sal Giarratani
Catholic Action League – Massachusetts
Gregory A. Hession, J.D.
Richard Collins
Clifford D. May
Jim Daly
John Hugo
Carole Julian
Carrie Sheffield
Jonathan Ring
Yorman Ettinger
Betsey McCaughey
Maya Carlin


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