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Our May edition includes articles from several candidates, several lawyers, and MANY local and nationally syndicated writes. That’s what makes this “The People’s Paper” – we print what other papers don’t care to print, or don’t dare to print

  • Parents Suing Ludlow Schools to Protect Their Children
  • Boston’s Abortion Vacations –
    by Tom Joyce –
  • Thinking Out Loud – by Sal Giarratani
  • From My Cold Dead Hands!
    by Nick De Mayo, M. Ed.
  • Public Racism Still Rears Its Ugly Head in Local Massachusetts Colleges – by TED TRIPP
  • Defunding Police is Killing African-Americans –
    by JAY McMAHON – Atty. General Candidate
  • Mass. Republican Reps. Howitt, Ziarhos, and McKenna
    Co-Sponsor Bill to Put You in Jail for a Year
    if You Demonstrate Within 100 Yards
    of the Home of an Elected Official
  • United Cape Patriots Filling the Gap of Conservative Leadership
  • Back in the MaSSR –
    Free the Law
    by Gregory A. Hession J.D.
  • Incremental Islam – Part 25
    Brief Lessons on What Non-Muslims Need to Know
    by Jane Bate and Bryan Hermansdorf
  • News Flash: Florida’s Parental Rights in Education
    Act Would Not Get Any GOP Support in Massachusetts
    – by Brian Camenker, MassResistance
  • Boston Mayor Wu’s Hypocrisy on Political Protest –
    by Blossom Stiefel
  • Constitutional Snippets: 11th Amendment – Casuistry, Fallacy, and Sophistry, Oh My!
    by Catherine White
  • Seven Days of Wonderful Mask Freedom Cut Short
    by Erin Leone, Broadside D.C. Correspondent
  • The Data is In: How Massachusetts and New Hampshire Fared Against the Rest of the Country in the COVID-19 Pandemic –
    by Ted Tripp
  • Ghost Guns
    by Paul Young
  • Vote For Rayla Campbell – Secretary of State – Mass.
    by Dennis Clancy
  • Falsely Convicted?
    PART 2: David Daniel Coutu
    ‘I’m in Prison. Behind Razor Wire.
    My Life – Stolen From Me.’
    by Lonnie Brennan
  • The Case of Missing Democrat State Rep. David Cote (D-Nashua)  by by Di Lothrop
    Broadside New Hampshire Columnist
    Vice Chair, Nashua, N.H.
    Republican City Committee
  • Republican NH Governor Sununu Seeks to Weaken Late-Term Abortion Ban
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day
    in a Cancel Culture World
    by Diane Splitz
    Broadside Contributing Writer
  • Couple Plans to Build First
    Holocaust Museum in Boston
  • Abd Al-Hamid Dabbou: ‘Through Jihad,
    Allah Conquers Lands as Well as Hearts and Minds’
  • The Biden Administration’s Seder
    Makes a Mockery of
    Passover and the Jews
  • Patient Care #101 for Mass General Brigham
    Instead of Expansion
    by Aliana Brodmann E. von Richthofen
  • What They Don’t Want You to Know
    by Lois Mann
  • GLSEN’s Groomers in Plain Sight
    by Michelle Malkin
  • Newton Schools Cost Too Much Money
    by Joshua Norman – Commentary on Override
  • Powerful Arguments to Keep ‘Trans Ed’ Out of Schools
    by Betsy McCaughey
    Former Lieutenant Governor
    of New York
  • Never Forgotten: The Lies About Terri Schiavo
    by Michelle Malkin
  • Gibson’s Bakery Scores a Victory for Truth
    by Star Parker
  • Libyan Fencing Team Withdraws from
    Competition to Avoid Israeli Athletes
  • Raisi: Tehran ‘Will Target Israel’s Heart
    if it Makes Slightest Move’
    – What’s Wrong with These People?
    – Anti-Catholic NAACP President
    has No Business Advising Catholics on Being Catholics
  • Lynz Piper-Loomis Exposes ‘Un-constitutional,
    Un-American, Toxic and Evil Trans Agenda’
    by Lynz Piper-Loomis
    Candidate for U.S. Congress, SC-01
  • Caroline Colarusso — Pro-Taxpayer for Congress
  • A Plague of Media Disinformation
    by Jonathan S. Tobin
    Editor in Chief of JNS—
    Jewish News Syndicate
  • The Nuclear Deal is Not Unavoidable
    by Caroline Glick
  • Awake America – God’s Mercy
    by Maureen McInerney
  • Lingering Pandemic Effects on
    Medical Freedom, Freedom of Speech
    by Beth Guidry Hoff man
    Broadside Contributing Writer
  • Citing Gross Disparity of Justice and Non-Compliance with the New Hampshire Constitution, Attorney Mark Sisti Files Writ of Mandamus for Pamela ‘Pame’ Smart
    by Lonnie Brennan
  • Dr. James F. Linzey Prays at Bataan Death March 80th Anniversary
    by Military Bible Association
  • I Had to Get Involved!
    by Bob May – Candidate for Congress
    – Hillary Doughty and Kate Baker
    – Women Created the Problem, Women Can Fix It
  • and so many more!!!!

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