The Case Against John Kingston, III

by Steve Aylward

Last month I attended a meeting of the Belmont Republican Town Committee. Town Committee meetings of late have gotten a bit more interesting, as the three U.S. Senate candidates and their representatives vie for the support of Republicans, hoping to meet the 15% delegate threshold at the Republican State Convention in the spring, thus qualifying for the September 2018 Primary Ballot. At this particular meeting I was there to support my good friend Geoff Diehl and the Diehl for U.S. Senate campaign. As you probably know, Geoff and I led the successful grassroots movement to repeal automatic gas tax hikes. 

At the Belmont meeting there was a representative of the Kingston U.S. Senate campaign. Josh Treat, field director, spoke on his behalf.

Mr. Treat delivered his pitch for Kingston to the Belmont Republicans and made the case for why Kingston is the best option to oppose Lizzy Warren in 2018. Most of these speeches as we all know are cookie-cutter in nature. Not so this one, because smack in the middle of it, Mr. Treat boldly and proudly proclaimed that Kingston led the Never-Trump effort in Massachusetts in 2016! This left me and the members scratching our collective heads. Shouldn’t Kingston be at the Belmont Democrat Town Committee down the hall, we thought? And what exactly does Kingston not like about the Trump agenda? The abrupt slowdown in illegal immigration? Deregulation? Maybe he prefers higher unemployment? Or maybe he just can’t stand to see ISIS finally brought to its knees under a president who puts America first? But let that go, as Mr. Kuhner might say, for there was an even more egregious affront about to be put on the table. 

Quickly thereafter, Mr. Treat also readily agreed that Kingston had funded the 2016 presidential campaign of Evan McMullin in Utah. As you recall, McMullin was the fraud Republican put into the presidential race in Utah for one purpose and one purpose only – to defeat Trump and ultimately ensure victory for Hillary Clinton. He wanted to steal enough Electoral College votes from Trump to give Hillary the presidency.

I could hardly contain myself at this point. I asked Mr. Treat if he realized that this action by Kingston translates into the action of a man who actually wanted Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States. Incredibly, Mr. Treat agreed and acknowledged that Kingston had been in effect working and spending his money to get Hillary Clinton elected president over Donald Trump! 

By way of recap, was Mr. Kingston a Globalist in the mold of a Susan Collins, or an American First type, in the mold of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul? “A Globalist” was the reply. Trying to give Treat some opportunity to make some connection, any connection with his audience, the member stated that Kingston would appear to be a RINO – Republican in name only. Again, Mr. Treat could only agree.

I would like to also point out that when Trump won the nomination, Mr. Kingston re-registered as an unenrolled. 

I’ve been around long enough to know a phony Republican when I see one. Kingston, like his buddy Evan McMullin before him, is in this race for one reason only – to help continue the movement of our Party and this country to the left. The Far Left. Kingston would love nothing more than to go to Washington and work against President Trump. He would love to stand strong for Sanctuary Cities as our current Massachusetts Republican leadership does. He would love nothing more than to negotiate deals that hurt the American workers. And he would love to work for and support a one-world government. His words and his actions make that very clear.  ♦


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