Charlton/Dudley Parents Seek Transparency in Wake of Administration Hiring Consultant to Train Teachers to Tell Children they are Racist and Inequitable – “Open Meeting” Called for July 12 – 7:00 P.M.

The following is my statement regarding the Parents/Citizens/Children Advocates of Charlton and  Dudley, MA towns.

Charlton/Dudley Parents Seek Transparency!

In the last 6 weeks there has been a surge of awareness from parents, stakeholders, taxpayers and advocates for children in the towns of Dudley and Charlton, MA. The DCRSD School Committee as well as Superintendent Mr. Lamarche and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ackerman have been quite busy fielding concerned parent’s questions, statements at the June 23rd SC Meeting on the upcoming school years curriculum and why a consultant on questionable teachings/ideologies was hired without full transparency to the parents.  The concerns were met with an alarming outcry for the theme of such teachings which is to “change the hearts and minds of children.” Many parents were upset and rightfully so. What is wrong with my child’s heart and mind seemed to be the sentiment.  Retired teachers came out, a clergyman and many others perplexed on how this district came to these conclusions.

What happened to the loving educators in our schools that would seek to implement policies and or curriculum that would harm the hearts and minds of children and only divide them? After doing some intensive research on the consultant that Dr. Ackerman hired, as well as researching social media posts, website research we soon came to the conclusion that our district was being taken over by activists and special interest groups. Since the outcry for transparency as well as clarification on the repeated contradicting statements and correspondence from the DCRSD to parents it was decided to “clear the air” at a July 12th Open Meeting for Parents/ Concerned Children Advocates at 7 PM at Shepherd Hill High School in Dudley, MA.

The parents were not informed of the final agenda for the upcoming July 12th meeting until it was posted a few days before the meeting on the DCRSD website. The agenda now includes a presentation from the consultant that was hired to “train” the teachers. His training/contract was completed.

We do not need to be lectured on what CRT is or what is not since the term/meaning keeps being shifted as well as Culturally Responsive Training is generally informed by the term Critical Race Theory. The NEA, a large Teacher’s Union, has now coined it “Common History”. Regardless, what they call it boils down to a framework which seeks to actively dismantle systems it deems racially oppressive, and on the ways, it seeks to do this is through deconstructing language and forms of discourse.

Parents want accountability as to the origination of why this consultant was hired, transparency on curriculum as well as collection of books and material that the parents have not been privy to, to date.  Our goal is to understand why our school administrators and School Committee believe and warrant such a change and why they believe our children are racist and inequitable.

Carroll-Sue Rehm

5 Replies to “Charlton/Dudley Parents Seek Transparency in Wake of Administration Hiring Consultant to Train Teachers to Tell Children they are Racist and Inequitable – “Open Meeting” Called for July 12 – 7:00 P.M.

  1. I believe “We the people” will prevail and safe our towns and great free Country from the tyranny and radical left! I hope Jeff Kuhner follows this story. I’m a concerned tax payer and have many friends that go to this school and will not let their children attend if this is pushed through. I wish Universities and College’s were held accountable for their Marxism teachings.

  2. It seems that you might be skewing the facts significantly to complete your own agenda. All public schools are conducting Equity training. It is a requirement for teachers to renew their licensure going forward. You should ask for a copy of the training to be available online and let the public form their own opinion.

    1. Read it again- parents seek transparency- instead- admins snuck it in and played hide and seek with the curriculum

  3. Is it equality when checking a box at hiring time or college enrollment time gets one hired and enrolled over higher scoring candidates just because of ones ethnicity/race? Is it equality when having ethnicities of prefereed racial/ ethnic catagories being hired for state jobs at a rate triple the size of their population proportion under affirmative action policies? The MBTA is one example of that policy. Many ethnic groups suffered anguish and discrimination. They do not have success legislated for them. Yet, so called woke extremists want us to think that those people are priviledged. The 1964 Civil Rights Act makes it illegal to base hiring based on race or ethnicity. While China and other adversarial nations turn out engineers and doctors, we are turning out indoctrinated semi educated graduates. Fight bigotry, yes. However we have bigots claiming to be against bigotry practicing bigotry themselves.

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